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It's Pulse time!

Written by Valentine Dautricourt

Do you remember the employee satisfaction surveys we had to fill out back in the day?

I do, and they were often boring, time-consuming and served no real benefit other than meeting reporting requirements.

At BrightWolves, we decided to flip the model around and reintroduce Pulse Time: a fun and easy way to glimpse how our employees feel within the company. We believe this practice will help us capture feedback and ideas and, most importantly, translate results into concrete actions.

How does Pulse Time work?

Pulse Time allows us to measure how happy and engaged our employees are within the firm. Every 3 or 4 weeks, our Wolves get an email notification with a link to complete a short form. The first question is always: "How happy are you?". We keep an eye on this metric to ensure we're on track to achieve SuperHappiness.

We always keep it short with maximum three other questions that are different every time. The idea is to gather quick and honest feedback about all major aspects of their life at BrightWolves: projects, mentoring, internal initiatives and life balance. We also created an Idea Box where everyone can drop their simple or crazy ideas to improve their experience at BrightWolves!

How does this Pulse Survey help us grow?

We believe that our Wolves are our most important asset, and it's our job to show them how much they mean to us by creating an environment where they can do their best work.

Through our Pulse Surveys, we've, for instance, found out our Wolves were particularly excited about the launch of our new branch in South Africa, our office redesign and the opening of The Den restaurant, to name a few. But also more minor things, like adding granola bars in the snack bucket or designing new talent development programmes, boost their morale!

With Pulse Time, we discover what drives our employees and how we can empower them with the right tools and resources. Unleashing their inner entrepreneur is the best way to grow!

As you can read, employee satisfaction surveys are more than just gathering data for us. It's about getting everyone involved, managing healthy growth, and continuously improving our experience as a group.

Every time we conduct a pulse, we are surprised at how powerful this simple, yet revealing exercise can be in improving our work life. Of course, they never replace real-life and personal interactions in our culture-driven Wolfpack!


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