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Living the BrightWolves Culture

Author: Massiel De Jesus

Companies these days are experiencing a real awakening when it comes to identifying and describing corporate culture. If you were to ask any firm what their values are, chances are they'd send you a glossy webpage on what they stand for and why. But unfortunately, that's also where it typically stops.

At BrightWolves, we try to take our values to the next level by truly living and embracing them. But you probably wonder: how do you do that?

Understanding a corporate culture isn't easy, so we decided to define it and bring it together in our Culture Book.

What is BrightWolves' Culture Book?

It is a living document of who we are, not just as a management consulting firm but as individuals who share the same workplace, values and dreams. It shows what it means to belong to a Wolfpack and how dedicated we are to delivering impact to clients and the world around us.

It's a guide to developing an amazing company culture from within, with new stories yet to be written. Perhaps the next great chapter will be written by you! Sounds interesting?

What will you find inside?

It's a dense magazine with our biggest secrets to creating a work environment where everyone is SUPERHAPPY.

Concretely, we discuss:

  • How our partners Kris Vansanten, Evelyne Van Wassenhove, and Miguel Van Damme found the perfect spot in a saturated market;

  • Our INSPIRE values in action;

  • How we deliver impact internally and at clients;

  • What we do after working hours;

  • And much more!

In sum, our Wolves describe their raw and unedited experiences.

Who is it for?

We created this book for anyone who wants to know us better or wants to get inspired and understand how to create a great corporate culture from within. BrightWolves' Culture Book will provide insights to starting businesses, new Wolves, prospective Wolves, clients or anyone else who is considering connecting with us.

Download the book and discover our story

If you want to know what our culture really looks and feels like, download our book (yes, it's free!)


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