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Our BrightWolves consultants use their deep financial, quantitative and analytical skills to support the CEOs & CFOs in defining the corporate strategy and modeling the impact of different strategic options. They remain a trusted partner from strategy definition up to implementation of the strategy.


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Digital Transformation


BrightWolves applies digital transformation skills and expertise that can act both strategically as well as operationally. Complemented by solid business understanding, BrightWolves bridges the gap between business & IT and ensures aligned, impactful and sustainable digital transformation.

This translates into helping organizations face and overcome current digital challenges, while also enabling enterprise agility to ensure organizations can exploit emerging technologies and thrive in the future.


Digital transformation is probably the business buzzword of the last decade. However, many organizations are struggling to truly give it a concrete meaning. They do not know how to act purposefully around the topic in a way that would enable the business to stay relevant and thrive in a sustainable way towards the future.

BrightWolves helps organizations to distinguish the different dimensions of digital transformation and realize an impactful, sustainable transformation on each of the dimensions - together as one joint team.

Selected Expertise

BrightWolves tackle challenges with in-depth expertise

CIO Advisor

Acting as a trusted person to the CIO and/or the CEO, the external CIO advisor will inject expertise and industry best practices in the organization. The CIO advisor furthermore provides management with an additional way to get their teams to make the right decisions, meet deadlines and keep up the pace of digital developments. Making it a (cost-) effective and risk-free solution.

Typically, an external CIO advisor will help companies at three levels:

1.  Assess current way of working and determine strategic direction

2.  Establish roadmap with prioritized initiatives

3.  Boost project delivery and challenge providers

Solution Design Factory

The Solution Design Factory is a proven approach that focusses on collecting and assessing ideas from inside and outside the organization, and turning the most suitable ones into a real solution for your business.

Often, plenty of innovative ideas are rooted in an organization, but remain under a layer of dust due to a high focus on operations or are realized in duplicate due to a lack of communication between different teams. The Solution Design Factory helps to boost the roll out of new ideas into working solutions, while avoiding double work.

Typically, the Solution Design Factory will

  1. Continuously collect all (internal and external) ideas and propositions

  2. Assess added value to customers / stakeholders and contribution to business strategy

  3. After a GO, ideas are elaborated in a detailed solution design – ready to be handed over to the technical team for development and implementation

Read all about the Solution Design Factory approach here

Innovation Factory

“Companies investing in AI outperform their competitors, robots will disrupt your industry." You have heard it all before, but strong statements do not make smart decisions.

Making smart decisions means being selective on those emerging technologies that add value and introducing a culture of experimenting to quickly demonstrate their worth. Once you become an incubator, you can take the next step and learn how to scale and accelerate for success.

Typically, our Innovation Factory kickstarts your digital innovation by:

  1. Feeding the digital innovation funnel based on combined business insights

  2. Conducting a business viability and technical feasibility assessment

  3. Enabling quick experimentation to determine their operational value and impact

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation combines robotic process automation (RPA) and low-code technologies with various AI techniques, and truly impacts the labour split between humans and robots. Humans should perform work where they have the highest added value and be freed from mundane repetitive administrative tasks.

By combining our business insights, with the technical expertise of our partner B_Robots, we form an unique combination in the market that impacts the way organisations work, from strategy to full implementation of intelligent automation solutions.


Example of Projects in Selected Industries 

Examples of selected projects where our BrightWolves can intervene

Postal & Logistics

Designed the business architecture for a large new CRM and Order-To-Invoice system. Ensuring a business driven solution resulted in 1 touchpoint for all end customer, improved cross selling and led to a 20% decrease of IT maintenance costs.


Managed product ownership for an Internet of Things pharma device 2.0, which increased customer centricity by alerting the patient on which pills to take when, decreasing medical misuse and over/under-use significantly.

Public Sector

Automated HR administrative processes through robotic process automation, resulting in 95% throughput time gain, increased customer satisfaction and a payback period under 5 months.


Established a customer-oriented IT strategy and transformed a +200 people IT organization to a DevOps way of working. This improved the business promoter score with 35% in 1 year for the IT organization.

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