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Accelerate your Transformation with the Analytics Translator Programme

The demand for analytics talent is growing enormously, especially for companies amid a digital transformation. In this hands-on program, you will learn the skills to take up a bridging role between the technical teams and the business.

BrightWolves Academy

The Analytics Translator Programme

What is the BrightWolves Academy?

The right up- and reskilling programme

We believe that people are the heart and soul of any organization. In an ever-changing world, providing the right upskilling and reskilling opportunities is crucial, especially during large-scale transformation projects.

More than just training

Our Academy goes beyond mere training - the goal is to unlock the untapped potential of your employees at every level of the organization. 

What can you expect?

With this programme, you will learn how to spot opportunities for a wide range of business problems, translate the analytics output to actionable insights for a business-oriented audience, and facilitate the implementation and impact tracking of analytics projects.


You will learn to materialize the learnings into your own business by developing an analytics project plan.

The Analytics Translator Programme

Concrete, you'll learn...

Basic statistical and AI concepts

To identify business opportunities for analytics solutions

To implement analytics projects

To visualize data: dashboard design, and storytelling with data

Data ethics and regulations, including GDPR and EU AI act

To understand data roles and how collaboration takes place between business and data professionals

How to set up an analytics project

This is for you if...

You are a senior professional wanting to take up an essential role in creating a data-driven organization & guide the digital transformation in their organization

This programme is for all professions, backgrounds, and roles. No prior data, digital, or IT knowledge is needed.

What You'll Learn

What's the programme like?

Module 1

Statistics, Machine learning, & AI basics

  • Intro to statistics concepts (probability, statistical terms, inferential stats, sampling design, & hypothesis testing)

  • Intro to Machine Learning (regression, decision trees, random forest, k-nearest neighbours, neural networks, language models)

Module 2

AI Strategy, Business Questions, & ethics

  • How to connect AI initiatives to your business strategy

  • How to create the maximum impact and value out or your analytics projects using design thinking principles

  • GDPR and EU AI act

Module 3

Data visualization and storytelling

  • Data visualization by using design principles

  • Dashboard design

  • Communicating analytics based on the pyramid principle

Module 4

Managing Analytics projects & teams

  • Management of data science projects (test-learn-adapt)

  • Setting up multidisciplinary teams

  • Analytics within a digital transformation

  • Change management and creating a data-driven culture

Module 5

Case presentations: learn by doing

  • Going through a full analytics project

  • Defining the actions for the business

  • Case presentations with feedback

Meet your Programme Manager


Hi, I'm Koen, principal at BrightWolves, where I help clients create sustainable value from their data. I am known for helping data, analytics, and insights leaders to innovate their data strategy, combining accelerated value creation with the implementation of required data foundations. I help companies in moving past isolated analytics use cases to create a scaled use of insights in business operations. In this transformation work, I focus on the significant challenge of changing the organizational mindset toward a data-driven culture and systematically building data capabilities in the broader organization.

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The Analytics Translator programme


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