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The second edition of our culture book is out!

Written by Massiel De Jesus

Visual of our culture book

As we approach the end of 2023, it's the perfect moment to pause and reflect on the things that have happened at BrightWolves in the passing year. Our 6-year journey has been extraordinary, filled with resilience, shared experiences and transformative initiatives.

So...What better way to celebrate this than launching the much-anticipated second edition of our Culture Book?

What is BrightWolves Culture Book?

For those unfamiliar, BrightWolves Culture Book is more than just a compilation of stories. It is a living document of who we are—both as a management consulting firm and as individuals united by shared values and aspirations. It shows what it means to belong to a Wolfpack and how dedicated we are to delivering impact to clients and the world around us.

An overview of the agenda of the culture book

It's a guide to developing an amazing company culture from within, with new stories yet to be written. Perhaps the next great chapter will be written by you! Sounds interesting?

What can you find inside this second edition?

Within this dense magazine, you'll find the foundations that have moulded BrightWolves into the dynamic entity it is today.

Delve into:

  • Our founding story and how our partners Kris, Evelyne, and Miguel found the perfect spot in a saturated market

  • Our INSPIRE values in action

  • Our sustainability vision (and how we try to spread it)

  • Client & internal projects

  • Our latest ventures (BrightWolves South Africa, Digit Mint, Ask Aldo,..)

  • Projects undertaken by our interns

  • What we do after working hours

  • And much more!

Download the book and discover our story

Feeling the itch of curiosity? We invite you to download our book—yes, it's free!—and immerse yourself in the narrative of BrightWolves. Discover the stories that shape us, the challenges that define us, and the triumphs that unite us—welcome to the BrightWolves journey!


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