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From the Automotive Industry to Sustainability Consulting: Taking a 90° Turn

Written by Victor Chartier


I took a 90° turn in my career in September 2023 by joining BrightWolves.

After 4 years in the automotive industry and a growing sensitivity to sustainability, I realized these topics were not receiving appropriate consideration. As my daily job was in addition not supporting, I decided to make a drastic change!

Starting my career in the Automotive Industry

As a French native, I followed the path of Engineering School. Focused primarily on mechanical engineering, I then specialized in my last year in Supply-Chain and General Management. The apprenticeship format was unique: I joined a steel foundry (heavy industry) to focus on the Make or Buy decision framework and people change management.

Freshly graduated, I moved to Brussels to join a well-known Japanese car manufacturer. I took a position in the Logistics Procurement division, buying transportation services for finished vehicles by sea, rail, and road. It was a combination of supplier engagement strategy, contract negotiations, budget management, logistics network transformation projects, and an environmental impact reduction project.

A Real Focus on Sustainability

By joining BrightWolves, I got the opportunity to completely focus on sustainability in a broad range of aspects. Internally, I joined the Sustainability tribe, a team of purpose-driven people aiming to reduce the company’s footprint, enhance sustainability communities, and improve the company’s service offering. Externally, I started advising an agri-food global company through LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Although it seemed straightforward, it required training and proved to be challenging and empowering. Starting from an insightful LCA, we are proposing improvement opportunities for our clients through for example supplier engagement and global transformation.

Empowerment and Trust at BrightWolves

So far, I have been astonished by the level of empowerment and trust given to people at BrightWolves. Two outstanding examples demonstrate this: I was given the opportunity to coach and train a colleague on LCA, leading to working in tandem on the project with her. Additionally, while my previous company did not believe in the benefit of bringing climate change educational and practical workshops to employees, BrightWolves supported me; if you can demonstrate the impact and lead it to implementation, Wolves are supporting you.

Result: since a couple of months we are offering certified Climate Fresk Workshops to our clients!

The Uniqueness of BrightWolves

To conclude, for me the uniqueness of BrightWolves lies in two points:

A practical approach aiming for tangible impact, supported by strong company values. On top of that we deliver a strong expertise in three domains (Business, Digit, and Sustainability) that nourish and synergize with each other.

Questioning your own 90° turn? Feel free to reach out to me!


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