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From Multinational to Direct Impact: Transitioning to a Dynamic & Enterpreneurial Culture

Written by Florent Janssens


In April 2023, I embarked on a new chapter in my professional journey by joining BrightWolves. After dedicating nine years to multinational companies, I was eager for a change.

I sought an environment where I could make a more direct impact and immerse myself in a dynamic and entrepreneurial culture.

A Well-Rounded Background

Prior to my role at BrightWolves, I accumulated extensive experience in management and IT consulting. I worked with firms like Avanade, Deloitte, and EY. Additionally, I ventured into the lightning solution industry as an application manager, which enriched my perspective on both consultancy and operational roles.

Embracing the Role of an Engagement Lead

My journey at BrightWolves thus far has been both enriching and diverse. As an Engagement Lead at BrightWolves, one of the highlights has been participating in the Future Consulting Leader program, where we receive invaluable insights from our ESLT members on becoming impactful leaders. Over the past year, I have engaged in various internal projects and events, which have facilitated bonding with colleagues and eased my integration into the BrightWolves community.

A Diverse Project Portfolio

My project portfolio a has been quite varied. I have led automation projects, contributed to commercial due diligences, and participated in a data governance and maturity assessment project. Currently, I am focusing on a significant digital transformation project for a multinational in Belgium, where I serve as a Product Owner.

In my current role, I juggle two main responsibilities. At the client site, I function as a people manager, leading a team of internal analysts and building relationships with external partners, overseeing around 20 people working on my component. Additionally, as a Product Owner, I prioritize IT delivery tasks to ensure alignment with business expectations. This role is both stimulating and complex, and I assist the Digital Product Manager with strategic topics as needed.

Internal Contributions and Culture

Internally, I place a significant focus on contributing to the DIGIT tribe. This aligns well with my background, and expertise. I also remain open to contributing to other tribes given my diverse project experience. On top of that, I focus on trainings and ensuring we have the right tools to develop our consultants. I have also supported various initiatives aimed at enhancing our internal processes and culture.

Reflecting on the Transition

What I appreciate most about BrightWolves is the mentality. We strive to add value from day one, ensuring a positive impact on both our clients and society. Alongside our growth, we retain a startup-like culture where everyone knows each other, fostering a fun yet professional environment and maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit. Our approach is transparent and honest, avoiding over-promising, which contrasts greatly with some of the other environments I have previously experienced.

I am very satisfied with my current role. The constant challenges from both my projects and colleagues at BrightWolves keep me engaged and motivated. Although I cherished my time at other organizations, I am very happy with the switch to BrightWolves. Being surrounded by smart, insightful people makes every conversation and interaction enriching.

Questioning your own next move? Feel free to reach out to me!


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