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From Digit to Sustainability: Growing with the Company

Written by Vincent Govaers


Around six years ago, I was pursuing an additional master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School. Preferring entrepreneurial, creative, and pragmatic environments, I didn't envision myself thriving in a rigid corporate culture.

Fortunately, I met Sven at one of the career fairs I attended. Sven introduced me to BrightWolves, which was at that time a startup consulting firm with less than 10 people. It sounded like a perfect match for me, so I applied, and here I am still today.

Joining in the Early Days of our Sustainability Team

I started as a business analyst, focusing on data and digital transformation projects. My early projects included building a data analytics platform for a large bank, digitizing processes for our government, implementing data governance at various companies, and improving product information management processes. In my first weeks at BrightWolves, we already began discussing our environmental impact, which led to the creation of the sustainability team. Initially, we concentrated on reducing our own impact, but after some time, we realized we could offer significant value to our clients by assisting them in their sustainability journeys as well.

Currently, I’m an engagement lead in our sustainability tribe, guiding projects around life cycle assessments (LCAs), circularity strategies, and CSRD. Additionally, I have taken up the role of product owner for Digit Mint, our own LCA software platform. My responsibilities involve leading the development of our software, managing client relationships, and ensuring the successful delivery of our sustainability projects.

A Culture of Collaboration and Support

At BrightWolves, we continuously try to coach each other. Whether it's providing expertise on a specific topic, industry insights, or offering a second opinion, everyone is always willing to help without any internal competition. My approach to internal initiatives is similar – I aim to assist wherever help is needed, even if I’m asked to write a song for our semi-annual bootcamp. 😉 

The BrightWolves Pack for Collective Success

I could easily write a book about how fantastic my colleagues are. I don't know where we keep finding these amazing people, but we do. They are not only highly skilled and dedicated but also incredibly supportive and collaborative, sharing the same set of strong values. At BrightWolves, we don't think in silos; we foster close collaboration across our sustainability, digit, and business tribes. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that our projects benefit from diverse expertise and perspectives. This focus on collective success truly sets us apart from other firms.


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