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From Large to Ideal: Navigating Consulting to find the Optimal Spot


Many people seem to believe that choosing a consulting firm involves a trade-off between a small firm with a strong personal approach and a large firm with bigger, challenging, high-profile projects. My experience, however, has shown that it is possible to benefit from the advantages of both. At BrightWolves, I found the optimal spot, allowing to get challenged on projects while enjoying a close-knit and entrepreneurial team of fun colleagues.

A Journey from Large to Ideal

I began my career in the technology advisory division of a large big4 consulting firm. I decided to leave after repeatedly getting assigned projects I was good at, but wasn’t intrinsically motivated by.

I decided to look for a consulting company where I could combine business and technology.

Finding the Perfect Fit at BrightWolves

At BrightWolves, I discovered the ideal environment, allowing me to take on a variety of roles bridging business and technical teams to drive transformation. BrightWolves’ digital offering focuses on business-driven digital transformations, which is a strong way of approaching cases and on top of that aligns perfectly with my interests.

Diverse and Impactful Roles

Since I started 4 years ago at BrightWolves, I have performed multiple business-driven digital transformations. Here, I took leading roles such as Business Process Owner, Product Owner, IT Business Analyst, and Technical Project Manager. These positions enable me to leverage my technical knowledge while engaging with various stakeholders to advance projects.

What I like about these projects is that they are very social, lead to visible impact at clients and touch upon all aspects of a company.

Personal Growth and Team Atmosphere

At BrightWolves, there is a significant emphasis on personal growth and preferences, far exceeding my experiences at larger firms. The smaller team size fosters strong team-building activities and a superb workplace atmosphere. Ultimately, it is the people we work with who define a company, and in this regard, BrightWolves is exceptional. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such an inspiring group.

Questioning your own next move? Feel free to reach out to me!


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