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Inspiring the pack BrightWolves Podcast

Inspiring the Pack

The podcast where sustainability meets entrepreneurship.

Inspiring the Pack: Season 2

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Episode 9: Walk the Talk 

Today we bring you our final episode for Season 2 of Inspiring the Pack. We can think of no better way to end an inspiring season than a very special conversation with Kris Vansanten, Founder of Quanteus Group (parent company of BrightWolves).

We revisit some key topics from our previous 8 episodes with the Belgian start-ups. Kris brings together his rich experience i and his deeply rooted core values to provide an authentic perspective on sustainability and entrepreneurship.


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Recent episode

Listen to the entire episode

Episode 8: Sustainability on the Move

In the eight episode of Inspiring the Pack, we have the pleasure of speaking to Guy-Louis de le Vingne, CEO of MyMove.

This Brussels based tech-startup aims to unlock the future of mobility for organizations by offering a seamless end-to-end vehicle rental and sharing software solution.

MyMove is the pathway to fleet sharing that works. In this episode, we discuss how they achieve this and more!

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About the show

About the show

Welcome to Inspiring the Pack – a BrightWolves podcast series, where we bring to the forefront important conversations about sustainability and entrepreneurship.


In this second season,  we sit down with the finalists of the 2021 BrightWolves Sustainability Challenge, which recognized Belgian start-ups who were actively engaging in sustainability through their business offering.

Meet the Team

Robyn Keet

Robyn Keet

Host and Business Analyst

Bjarne Keytsman

Bjarne Keytsman

Sounds and Business Analyst

Podcast editor Massiel de Jesus

Massiel De Jesus

Graphics and Marketing Coordinator

Meet the Team
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