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Inspiring the Pack: Season 2

Episode 7: Green is the Gold Standard

In this episode, we we sit down with Sarah Lokman, Head of Sustainability at GreenomyGreenomy offers a one-stop sustainability reporting SaaS platform to guide companies in preparing their EU Taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation or European ESG Template reports.

How can technology and innovation fit into a landscape that is filled with acronyms, oceans of documentation and plenty of bureaucracy? We unpack all of this and more in this conversation.

Listen to the entire episode


Listen to the entire episode

Episode 6: The sky is the Limit

In the sixth episode of Inspiring the Pack, we speak to Léopold Coppieters, Co-Founder and Chief Solar Officer at Skysun. Skysun accelerates the shift towards a more sustainable future by financing the energy transition.


We discuss if solar energy is really viable in Belgium, commonly held beliefs about solar energy, and how Léopold experienced starting a (cap-ex intensive) company while being a student.


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Welcome to Inspiring the Pack – a BrightWolves podcast series, where we bring to the forefront important conversations about sustainability and entrepreneurship.


In this second season,  we sit down with the finalists of the 2021 BrightWolves Sustainability Challenge, which recognized Belgian start-ups who were actively engaging in sustainability through their business offering.

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