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One Year in Consulting: A Journey of Growth & Impact

Written by Lauranne Parein

About a year ago, I started my consulting career at BrightWolves. Not really knowing what to expect, I embarked on this new journey which would lead me to where I am right now, happy with the steps I have taken so far and grateful for the opportunities that came my way. In a short amount of time, I learned a lot about consulting and met many interesting people. Reflecting on this journey, I would identify the next three concepts as important enablers in my early-stage career: proactiveness, clear communication and willingness to learn.

Tackling a Challenging Digit Project

My first project came immediately as quite a challenge. I became responsible for designing and delivering a software application, which also included managing a team of developers. I received a great deal of responsibility from the start, which was both challenging and rewarding as it gave me the chance to grow rapidly and have a direct impact on the project.

This project has taught me important things about product development. I learned about the importance of good communication towards different stakeholders, the hurdles of gathering all the product requirements in a clear and usable way and as I got to experience the so-called five stages of team development firsthand, I learned that building a good team is a process that does not happen overnight. On top of that, by staying eager to learn and being surrounded by a good team, I got to expand my skills in the digital domain.

Becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Highly Effective Person

To support us in our project work, we have the opportunity to build our skills through effective trainings, amongst which a certified Scrum Product Owner training. During this training, we learned all about the ins and outs of Agile practices developing software in an incremental way by applying the adapt and learn framework. I learned that this framework can also add a lot of value to other types of projects than software development, even in your personal life as it allows you to plan, act, reflect, and adapt.

Besides that, we also got the chance to participate in a training based on the book "7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen R. Covey. Proactivity is the first habit and probably the most important habit as it induces the 6 other habits. I experienced the importance of this one on my project. Understanding the difference between the circle of influence versus the circle of concern is key to being able to make an impact.

A Wolf Never Hunts Alone

This journey would not have been possible without the support and inspiration of my fellow wolves. I realized that having the right empowering environment can have an undeniable impact on your career and personal growth. The go-getter mentality, the urge to do something impactful and the fearless approach to any challenge of my colleagues has been a true inspiration throughout my journey. Sharing experiences and offering advice is a practice that lives within the company.

Mixing that knowledge-and passion-sharing culture with the many fun activities we do, makes BrightWolves a fun and vibrant place to work. I have created so many unforgettable memories with these colleagues from enjoying bubbles in a private spa during the girls’ weekend to hitting the slopes on the ski trip or going to a festival.

From tackling challenging projects to learning invaluable lessons, as I celebrate my one-year milestone at BrightWolves, I can proudly say that all the experiences over the past year have shaped me both professionally and personally. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue thriving in an environment that fosters growth, embraces challenges, and values the importance of a vibrant company culture.


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