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Why a Wolf never hunts alone: The Iceberg Principle at BrightWolves

Author: Olivier De Moor

An open, collaborative, and supportive work environment significantly increases individual performance

Despite its very rapid development, BrightWolves continuously strives to maintain its DNA. The company's success is based on the highest level of customer satisfaction. Its impact is the combination of a proven alchemy, but what is it?

The skills and knowledge acquired by each Wolf, whether a Director or a Business Analyst, are leveraged by everyone. BrightWolves continuously sharpens a common pool of knowledge through training, access to the QuantIM network of independent experts, and internal knowledge creation. The Brightwolves consultant at the client premises can be considered as the tip of the iceberg while the quality of his or her work relies on the solid (invisible) base of the iceberg that consists of knowledge, outside expertise, and senior guidance. Alone, a senior Wolf would not be able to impact his or her client at the same extent as he or she would like to. Likewise, a junior Wolf, with strong theoretical skills, high adaptability, and a lively inquisitive mind, would only reach his or her full potential in close collaboration with a senior Wolf. The word “collaboration” is essential here. At BrightWolves, collaboration and team spirit are fostered through an open culture. The culture stimulates individual initiative, entrepreneurship, and knowledge creation at the service of the client, the company, and the society as a whole. The success of each Wolf is the success of the pack and vice versa.

This collaboration model is key to Brightwolves’ success and client impact today and is commonly referred to as the Iceberg Principle.

5 examples of how the iceberg principle delivered significant value to BWs clients

Now that we explained what the Iceberg Principle is, let us take a look at some examples of how the Iceberg Principle was materialised in the past.

1. Leveraging BW expertise

At Brightwolves, certain Wolves are references for a specific area of expertise. There is for example an Excel guru, a commercial due diligence expert, an expert in public speaking, etc.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit our society at the beginning of March, a switch to teleworking was inevitable. As such, working habits had to be changed at remarkable speed. For Brightwolves, however, the transition was smooth and without any significant obstacles. The on