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One step closer to become highly effective individuals

Written by Vincent Govaers

A couple of weeks ago our wolves had the opportunity to participate in a two-day training on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The 7 Habits is an approach designed by Stephen Covey that intends to help people become more effective in achieving their goals, both professionally and personally.  Quanteus Group organizes this training on a bi-annual basis and offers it to all its employees.

The effect of the workshop is two-folded. Everyone is trained on the different habits that should positively affect his or her life, both on a personal and professional level. At the same time, since this training forms an integral part of the training plan of all Quanteus Group employees, a common understanding and lingo exist within our organization. This enables us to establish a better way to communicate with each other and also strengthens the process of accountability, support and feedback between one another. There might not be an immediate impact on the participants after the training but we cannot neglect the tremendous value it will have over the course of their careers and personal life.

Business Analyst at BrightWolves, Vincent Govaers, perceived the training as followed: “The 7 Habits training allowed me to look at things from different perspectives. I learned that you always have the ability to make a difference, even in a situation which you don’t seem to control. I believe that these two days positively influenced the way I perceive my professional and personal life.”

As mentioned before, BrightWolves’ employees are expected to follow a training plan in order to continuously develop themselves in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.  Besides the predefined training such as the 7 Habits, each employee can personalize their plan by adding other training that will allow him or her to improve their professional skills. The key to the individual development of all our employees is that it’s in the best interest of both parties to ensure that every one of us can become the best version of ourselves.


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