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Meet the Wolves: Lieselotte

Author: Lieselotte Ceusters

Hi, nice meeting you!

I’m Lieselotte, 26 years old, living in Antwerp, travelling during days off, going for a run in nature to relax and always in the mood for food.

I studied Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp and HEC Montreal and launched my professional career when I graduated in September 2019 as a Consultant in the Financial Services Industry focused on Enterprise Risk Management. During the last months in my previous job, however, I realized that I wanted to take my career in different directions and in July 2021, I joined BrightWolves.

The biggest driver to make the switch was my curiosity. One thing that happens when being active in a specific line of work, is that you become more and more of an expert about a given topic every year. What I liked most about my time as a student was discovering new things and working on many different topics. So when I started to think of different ways in which I wanted to take my career, it became clear to me that Management Consulting was a great option as it would allow me to experience problem-solving across a whole set of industries. Now, I can explore different lines of work and later become an expert in the area that energizes me most. So I made the switch!

Application process and onboarding

Overall, it was amazing how quick but flexible it was in terms of feedback and planning.

Two things stood out for me:

  • Applying while being in a full-time job can be tricky, so I appreciated that I got to determine the timings to prepare for each round of interviews.

  • It was incredibly helpful that BrightWolves invested time in resources to help me prepare. I did not only receive some tips and tricks prior to my first round but there was also a quick feedback cycle after each round throughout the process.

My industry experience was quite limited. So even though I came in as an experienced hire, I did not have a real specialization – which is not per se necessary. When you come in, it can be that you already have a sense of where you want to go, but it’s also perfectly normal that you don’t have a strong preference yet – like me. You can just explore a whole set of industries and functional areas in the latter, and chart your own journey.

My onboarding at BrightWolves started with a 2-week immersion camp and many opportunities to get to know the whole team. Besides that, the Wolfpack invited me to team building events before my start at the firm, which gave me the feeling that I was part of a warm and close team.

First project experience

I remember I had my first introduction day at the office and was already staffed on a project the day after, on a completely new topic – which was really exciting!

My first case was a digital transformation project encompassing the application of intelligent automation within a big organization. My particular workstream consisted of helping the firm identify areas of opportunity for automation and prepare/manage the actual rollout (i.e. perform functional analysis, change management, offer monitoring and support, etc.).

Thanks to the immediate trust I received and the nature of the assignment, I had the opportunity to start my learning journey early on.

Day-to-day life at BrightWolves

The office vibe is really nice! I believe our office depicts a positive and homely atmosphere. Although I often work from the client side, I try to go to the office 1-2 days per week. No matter which day I pick, there is always an opportunity to socialize with the other Wolves. We have coffee/tea sessions on Wednesdays, team lunch on Fridays and of course (now that we are allowed again) Friday evening drinks at the bar to embrace the weekend. Besides all of that, we have plenty – and quite epic – team building events to recharge and connect.

Work-life balance is a vital aspect that is valued by BrightWolves as well. There’s a bi-weekly survey to sense the team’s mood and to see what’s working and what isn’t, with room for suggestions. I believe this is a great initiative as it shows care and allows us to have an open conversation.

More than just client work

At BrightWolves, there are other opportunities to get involved beyond your specific client work. We have our so called ‘Internal Pillars’ and ‘Tribes’.

The Internal Pillars refer to the internal fronts that every organization needs and are primarily driven by our consultants. The Tribes, steered by the management team, focus on our service offerings and organize gatherings where you can share and learn on your favorite topic.

Every Wolf can choose a pillar and/or tribe, and there’s a yearly rotation possible if desired – so that you can discover all aspects of an organization. Personally, I’m involved in the Marketing Pillar where we work on content creation, planning, analytics and social media. Besides that, I also attend the Business Transformation tribe gatherings to become more acquainted with Strategy, Corporate Finance and People & Organization.


In short, my experience of working at BrightWolves has been very enriching. The valuable insights I gain from working on completely new topics in a team with intelligent minds, allow me to grow on a personal and professional level. I’m excited and looking forward to what my next project will bring!

Are you considering a career in Management Consulting? Do not hesitate to reach out for a virtual coffee with Lieselotte Ceusters or any other Wolf!


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