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Colombe's internship at BrightWolves

Written by Colombe Corten

After years of studying Business Engineering at university, I wanted to put all that gathered theoretical knowledge to the test and transform it into practical skills too. I wanted to be able to apply my education for a tangible impact. These past months as an intern I have found exactly that, and in fact more, at BrightWolves.

Entering the office on my first day, nervous but excited, I rather immediately felt part of the team. As well as exploring internal projects for the needs of BrightWolves, I had the chance to work on a client project for a customer service company. Throughout both of those aspects of my internship, I was guided and helped. Thanks to the diversity of the projects I worked on, I got to meet different consultants, learnt different approaches to working and most importantly: I discovered the BrightWolves’ way.

What is the BrightWolves’ way?

At BrightWolves, the consultants combine high technical skills with interpersonal skill. Each member of the team is adept, very professional, ambitious, driven and I found them to be inspiring. On top of their expertise, the Wolves are eager to share knowledge and collaborate, leveraging their colleagues’ talent. In my case, I truly felt my suggestions were considered, and that people were genuinely curious about my opinions.

My internship coordinator, Domien Agten, guided me throughout my internship. We established a trusted working dynamic, in which I did not feel held back nor intimidated to ask questions or share my thoughts. I was able to work autonomously on projects, adding my own creativity to them whilst being helped and challenged by Domien and other consultants.

This culture is not limited to a work basis, but plenty of entertaining activities are organized for Wolves to get to know one another and spend quality time together on or outside of the work floor. The company really places an emphasis on a good work-life balance.

The projects I worked on

When I started at BrightWolves I directly got into the swing of things. Indeed, the second day of my internship took me to the client’s office already. Our client was a customer service company, wanting to extend its service offering to B2B customers. I was fully a part of the team and we worked together to deliver high-quality solutions to the client. For example, I had the opportunity to create and design communication workshops for the client’s operators, where the goal was to help them adapt to the new type of client. This part of the project allowed me to deliver a tangible impact, and the other Wolves trusted the quality of my work.

During the second part of my internship, I took the initiative to contact other consultants to offer my help on internal projects. Although I took complete ownership of the internal work assignment, I continued to feel supported and encouraged. My internal project was centred around the recruitment process. For this I gave free rein to my creativity to help design and rethink the recruitment landing page of BrightWolves’ website.

Mutual success

To sum up, my experience at BrightWolves has been very enriching; it enabled me to sharpen my problem-solving skills and creativity. As BrightWolves gave me the opportunity to truly work alongside them, I managed to have the tangible impact I wanted to realise and deliver actual results for BrightWolves. I learnt to challenge myself, put my theoretical knowledge to practice and further develop my soft skills. Above all, I met dynamic, inspiring, and most of all, interesting people, always eager to share their knowledge and support one another!


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