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Inspiring the Pack is back with Season 2

Inspiring the Pack BrightWolves Podcast Season 2

Introducing Season 2 of Inspiring the Pack – A BrightWolves Podcast series

It is no secret that sustainable impact is at the core of the BrightWolves ethos. And there is nothing that excites us more than engaging with companies who also bring together deep purpose and business profitability to create lasting and positive value for society.

This is just one of the many reasons why we are delighted to introduce to you Season 2 of Inspiring the Pack – A BrightWolves Podcast series, where we bring to the forefront important conversations about sustainability and entrepreneurship. In this season, we sit down with Belgian entrepreneurs who are actively engaging in sustainability through their business offering.

Look at some video snippets of this season

To give you a taste of what lies ahead, take a look at the season trailer. Episodes launch April 12th. Be sure to subscribe here so that you never miss an episode!


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