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Inspiring the Pack - BloomUp: In Blooming Good Health

Ellen Batens of BloomUp in the Inspiring the Pack BrightWolves Podcast

In blooming good health

Today we bring to you our recent conversation with Ellen Batens, Co-Founder of BloomUp, to mark the third episode of Inspiring the Pack. The mission of BloomUp is to make mental healthcare more accessible, by connecting individuals with a registered psychologist through their online platform. ​

In this episode, we discuss how BloomUp contributes to the mental health of individuals to build a resilient workforce and society, and how Ellen navigated the challenges that came with starting a company during a global health pandemic. Ellen provides an important call to action for all companies to incorporate the mental well-being of employees into their organizations.

Look at some video snippets of the podcast episode

You can listen to the full episode here or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe so that you never miss an episode!


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