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Future Consulting Leaders Track at BrightWolves: Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Written by Delphine Lucq

At BrightWolves, we are dedicated to fostering the personal and professional growth of our Engagement Leads through our "Future Consulting Leaders" track. This comprehensive one-year program is designed to prepare our emerging leaders for the next steps in their careers by learning to become self-propelling in their domain of expertise and developing leadership skills.

Future Consulting L

Monthly Friday Afternoon Sessions

Every month, participants engage in Friday afternoon sessions covering a wide range of topics essential for their growth. These sessions, led by senior Leadership members, delve into areas such as navigating opportunities, networking, generating leads, thought leadership, storytelling, and career advising others. These topics not only enhance knowledge but also provide invaluable interactions amongst the group.

External Mentorship

Each participant is paired with an external mentor, who provides personalized guidance and support throughout the program. This mentorship offers different perspectives, industry insights, and tailored advice to help participants navigate their career paths effectively.

Leadership Bootcamp

The leadership bootcamp is also a cornerstone of the track, where the Future Consulting Leaders are taken offsite. This immersive experience equips us with the tools and techniques necessary to develop one’s personalized leadership style and drive organizational success.

Sharpen your expertise

As part of the program, participants are invited to pitch new service opportunities. This platform allows our engagement leads to showcase their ideas, receive constructive feedback, get challenged and build confidence in their fields of expertise.

Our (former) Engagement Leads and the Future Consulting Leaders Track

BrightWolves Olivier De Moor

"The Future Consultant Leadership program at BrightWolves has been an incredibly enriching experience. What I most appreciate about the program is the personalized mentorship aspect, where each participant is paired with a mentor from the international business ecosystem. This matching process considers our individual aspirations and personality, ensuring a very interesting fit. My mentor, acting as an independent advisor, has provided invaluable guidance on personal development at work and beyond."

Olivier De Moor - Engagement Lead


BrightWolves Manon Albertz

"The business world, and particularly consultancy, remains a predominantly male domain. As part of our Future Consulting Leaders program, we have the unique opportunity to leverage external mentorship. Thanks to the broad network of BrightWolves' leadership, I was paired with an incredible female mentor. Although we are only at the beginning of this module, our discussions already span a wide array of topics—from effective networking strategies and coping with perfectionism to the art of saying no. Engaging with an external mentor who is both a leader and a relatable role model, combined with our in-house coaching, creates a powerful synergy."

Manon Albertz - Engagement Lead

BrightWolves Marnik Willems

"Our Future Consulting Leaders program is designed to guide consultants in their path from trusted advisors to trusted managers. The trainings and workshops are tailor-made and exposed us to a new, complementary skillset. After the FCL, I was prepared to coach talented individuals and teams, and to manage a portfolio of clients. The external mentorship throughout the program was an excellent sounding board to discuss questions and doubts at a pivotal stage of my career. But in the end, the discussions with my co-FCLs were often the most valuable lessons." Marnik Willems - Manager

BrightWolves Anton Eeckhout

"Through the Future Consultant Leaders program, I got introduced to the essential skills required to join BrightWolves' leadership team. A personal highlight of the program, was a five-day international leadership program, where we learned about the fundamentals of leadership.

Overall, the program highlights the BrightWolves' dedication to actively foster employees' professional growth from junior analyst to manager." Anton Eeckhout - Engagement Lead

We aim to empower Wolves to conquer new frontiers in the consulting world

The "Future Consulting Leaders" track at BrightWolves is more than just a development program; it's a launchpad for our Engagement Leads to step into their leadership role, a launchpad to their full potential.

Curious to find out more about our approach to personal development and growth? Plan a coffee chat with us and discover how we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow.


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