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From Finance to Consulting: My First 6 Months at BrightWolves

Written by Manon Albertz

Manon Albertz - Consultant at BrightWolves

Mid-January marked the beginning of my journey at BrightWolves. It's hard to believe that over 6 months have passed since I joined. I left the safety of working internally in a company's finance department to embark on a career in consulting. Since then, I haven't regretted my decision for even a single day, and a significant reason for this is my colleagues. Buckle up as I take you through my experiences during these first 6 months and share why I'm so pleased with the change I've made.

A Wonderful Start: A Girls’ Weekend to Remember!

My journey at BrightWolves began the weekend before my official start date. On Friday, I attended a New Year's party with my former colleagues, to whom, with a heavy heart, I had to say goodbye to. The very next day, I embarked on a girls' weekend with my new female colleagues. Transitioning into a new company can be daunting, but the girls had a genius way of making it fun. Picture this: hikes in a beautiful landscape, quizzes with amusing assignments (intentional sneezing proved to be much harder than anticipated), brunches, charades (apparently not my strong suit – apologies to Lieselotte), Aperol Spritz toasts, and a relaxing spa day. What better way to dive into my first week of work?

A summary of the girls trip at BrightWolves

Thankfully, I wasn't the sole newcomer; there were six of us, which made the transition smoother. Together, we underwent various training sessions throughout the first week, including presenting with impact, advanced Excel, problem statement and structure, to only name a few. These trainings not only prepared us for our careers as consultants but were also delivered by our colleagues, which was an excellent way to get acquainted with them. Additionally, we had the opportunity to work on our very first internal project. In sum, it was an intense week filled with a lot of information to absorb, yet it was highly rewarding and motivating, setting the tone for the rest of our journey.

Six Months Later, I Haven't Regretted the Change for a Moment

Fast forward six months from my first week; it genuinely feels as though I've been working here for much longer. So much has happened in the meantime, let me share a few highlights with you.

Challenging but Rewarding Project Work

During this time, I've tackled 2 very diverse projects: one delved into operational excellence, throwing me out of my comfort zone. In the other one, I had to on improve financial processes. Even though the latter aligned with my expertise, it still pushed me to explore new territories within finance. This blend of challenge and familiarity is the essence of consulting at BrightWolves – a dynamic playground where you’re always learning and evolving.

More Than Just a Job

Beyond client work, we’re part of something bigger – a community that contributes to the company's growth. From recruiting to shaping our internal fun & culture events, our roles extend far and wide. We write articles, develop training programs, and engage in our Business, Digit, or Sustainability tribes. At BrightWolves, entrepreneurship isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our way of life.

Continuous Learning

Another advantage is the continuous learning. We work in a nurturing environment with people from diverse backgrounds and interests, making it ideal for mutual learning. During our "den meetings," for instance, we share insights into each other's projects, areas of expertise, and specific topics that help us become better consultants.

The BrightWolves Team

The heart of BrightWolves beats in its people. It's a fantastic team that has proven to be very welcoming, making it easy to fit in. We stay connected through our weekly "tea time sweet time" at the office, gather on Fridays for lunch and Fri-YAY drinks, and provide ample support to each other when challenges arise. Our bond extends beyond business hours. I've already participated in activities such as the ski trip, karting, BrightWolves' 5th-anniversary party, an M&A dinner, bowling, a charity event, a festival, a 3-day boot camp, a day at the seaside, playing a round of golf, and many more are on the agenda.

The Adventure Continues

And so, my journey continues at BrightWolves. I eagerly anticipate the months ahead as I approach my first year at BrightWolves!


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