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BrightWolves spreads its sustainable business vision by supporting ambitious startups

Written by Miguel Van Damme

Sustainability is a wave about to hit the economy the same way digital did 20 years ago. As customers are looking to buy meaning, our economy will shift following this demand and we will see the rise of the sustainable business model. Our Belgian ecosystem is rich of start-ups working towards creating a better future. In one of our latest LinkedIn posts (1) we enumerated at least a hundred start-ups working for a better future, and we know there are many more! It’s these start-ups that will shape the economy of the future and BrightWolves also wants to contribute to building that better tomorrow. How? By helping Belgian sustainable start-ups to gain visibility, recognition, and resources to achieve their projects contributing to that sustainable future. We will do that by doing what we do best: sharing our expertise.

Belgium Sustainable Startup Ecosystem
Belgium Sustainable Startup Ecosystem

That’s why we decided to organize the BrightWolves Sustainability Challenge to recognize the start-ups with the biggest sustainability impact and market potential. What challenge? The BrightWolves Sustainability Challenge is a challenge for Belgian start ups contributing to sustainability. The winner will be awarded with one-month free consulting to support its activities.

Out of 30 participants, our 10 finalists have to convince the jury of their sustainability impact, their market potential and the value they could gain from one-month free consulting in order to win the challenge. Curious to know who our finalists and judges are?

The finalists:

- Urban harvest brings local, sustainable & pesticide-free vegetables all year long of the highest quality thanks to a system of vertical farming.

- Resortecs facilitates circular economy in the fashion industry thanks to a thermosensitive sewing thread.

- Soil capital demonstrates farming can be environmentally beneficial and more profitable at the same time, by providing a digital platform to measure green house gas emissions reductions and get financially rewarded.

- Aqua4C rears the most sustainable fish in the world with a circular Aquafarm.

- Hytchers changes the paradigm of logistics by having your parcels delivered by your neighbour in a CO2 neutral way

- IWAS gives a second life to waste and empowers artisans at the same time, by providing an upcycling platform to sell upscale products made from waste.

- Sentinel contributes to the eco-system of smart and shared mobility through a smart lock IoT system adaptable to any