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Spreading a sustainable business purpose beyond our own company

Written by Peter-Jan Roose

Sustainability is the new business norm. While customers are looking to buy meaning, they turn towards brands with a sustainable purpose. Veja (1) and Patagonia (2) are two great examples of million revenues companies that are driven by the purpose of making fashion sustainable. Customers love it and not only in the sector of fashion but everywhere. By putting a sustainable purpose first, new emerging players leapfrog over older companies that are stuck in a profit-only business model.

Our Belgian ecosystem is rich of start-ups working towards creating a better future. Cowboy (3), for example, is a true success story which illustrates the rise of sustainability driven companies. But they’re not alone, in one of our latest LinkedIn posts (4) we enumerated at least a hundred start-ups working for a better future, and we know there are many more! It’s these start-ups that will shape the economy of tomorrow by following the shifting customer’s demand towards a sustainable business model.

BrightWolves also wants to contribute to building a better tomorrow. How? By helping Belgian sustainable start-ups to gain visibility, recognition and resources to achieve their projects contributing for a better future. We will do that by doing what we do best: sharing our expertise!

That’s why Brightwolves is organizing the Brightwolves Sustainability Challenge to recognize the start-ups with the biggest sustainability impact and market potential. It is a virtual contest, easy to register and to participate in. In the first phase, we’ll ask you some information about your start up and how you’re contributing to a sustainable world. In the second phase, we will choose ten finalists to come and present their start-ups and tell us how they believe BrightWolves can collaborate with them. Finally, the winning start-up will receive free consulting services for a month. Our expertise ranges from building a business plan to creating a pricing model, defining a market entry strategy to modelling financial activities!

So, are you a Belgian start-up with a sustainable purpose? Interested in free expertise support? Or do you know a Belgian start-up with a sustainable purpose? Then, register your start-up to win one month of BrightWolves expertise for FREE. To register or learn more about the Brightwolves Sustainability Challenge follow this link:


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