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Reflection: what is change?

Written by Domien Agten

This day and age are marked by disruptive change in our Western society. Unfortunately, change has become the buzzword that you’ll read or hear about everywhere –in the news, at home or in the office. It almost feels as if change is tossed around as some sort of abstract justification for all that is happening around us, for better or worse. Nevertheless, we are indeed living in exciting times. Businesses and societies as a whole are presented with great challenges and opportunities. This is arguably to an even larger extent true for consultancy firms, in their continuous endeavour to stay ahead of the curve and preserve their ability to provide added value to their clients. In my two years at BrightWolves I have come to understand what change (by lack of a better word) means to me on a personal level.

Change is a combined effort. Working autonomously is great, as long as it lasts. However, I feel it’s no longer the sustainable working ethic in the present-day world. Being surrounded by the right people at the right time has often proved to being decisive in moving forward and navigating towards the successful completion of a project – something we at BrightWolves commonly refer to as the iceberg-principle.

Change is a journey. Setting clear goals and directions, working towards concrete results has always sounded extremely appealing to me. However, I always find myself confronted with a fresh set of challenges once arrived at the destination. More and more, I’ve come to enjoy the ride, particularly the learning experiences from which I benefit along the way. Being exposed to a dynamic environment that is fuelled with ambition, and that puts my personal and professional development at the very top of the agenda, I consider myself grateful to get that one step ahead.

Change to me also means taking a step back every now and then. Everything seems to have become unbelievably complex. Maintaining a clear overview and structure is essential to attain meaningful results and impact. Having people remind and help me do exactly that has proven indispensable. Here’s an interesting fact: Forbes predicts annual data creation to increase ten-fold in the next seven years. Give yourself a moment to let that sink in if you think we’re already living in a time of information overload. My guess is, taking a breather from it all from time to time and reminding yourself you are just another animal on the planet won’t be the worst thing to do. I am pleased to get a strong sense of fulfilment in what I do, and I am delighted I have fun doing it with people I appreciate along the way

Change is why, one year ago, I decided to join BrightWolves. It is why I have not regretted it a split second since.

Domien Agten – Senior Consultant

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