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BrightWolves joins the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

Written by Peter-Jan Roose

The time to act is now! Why should companies wait any longer to set real climate targets? BrightWolves takes its ambitions for CO2 reduction to the next level by pledging its commitments to the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA).

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a national initiative that invites the private sector (both for-profit and non-profit) and academic institutions to take the lead on climate action. They form a network of committed members that share their knowledge and experience on Science Based Targets (SBT) for CO2 reduction, creating a push for climate action in the Belgian business landscape.

BrightWolves joined the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action in January 2021, intending to set its own Science Based Targets for 2030 by the end of the year. You can follow our journey towards an ambitious CO2 reduction goal right here, on our website.

Please continue reading to find out why we decided to start our journey with BACA and Science Based Targets, and why your company should consider joining BACA as well!

Why did BrightWolves join BACA?

When we started our journey to become a frontrunner in sustainability, we knew we had to make radical changes to the way we operate today. Joining BACA requires you to think about the long term, align with stakeholders and come with a solid action plan. This is necessary to show we do not make a pledge lightly. So, what motivated us to make this leap forward?

  1. Making this pledge, encouraged us to have an open conversation with our key stakeholders on where we want to go as an organization. In other words, it helped us to make sustainability an integrated part of our strategy.

  2. As a management consulting company, we like our decisions fact-based. Since the BACA is built on science-based targets, it allows us to plan, act and report transparently and founded on verifiable data.

  3. By joining BACA we can participate and contribute to a network of sustainable pioneers. This will keep us on our toes and further motivate us to be the best in class.

  4. Because we are proud of our accomplishments and the direction we are taking, we hope to inspire others to step up their game.

Why should you join BACA?

Are you ambitious when it comes to climate action and supporting peers towards a zero-carbon economy? Do you want to integrate sustainability as a cornerstone in your strategy and decision-making? Ready to boost innovation and drive sustainable growth by setting ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets?

The members of The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA) will inspire you with fact-based guidelines. Joining BACA means publicly committing towards greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction while being supported by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This allows you to plan, act and report based on verifiable data.

Through BACA and SBTi you join thousands of sustainable pioneers around the world working on a clear-defined path to reduce GHG emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement Goals.

Both encourage companies from all industries and sizes to join the movement and commit to setting Science Based Targets, while acknowledging the material differences between industries.

To summarize, you should join BACA if you are looking to:

  1. join an active network of sustainable pioneers, supporting and inspiring each other,

  2. have a fact-based path, allowing you to plan, act and report on verifiable data,

  3. validate your reduction roadmap, with support and feedback from experts,

  4. be a sustainable leader in Belgium, inspiring others with your actions.

Do you have any questions on BACA or how to participate? Do not hesitate to reach out.


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