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Your path to sustainability

“Sustainability”, “Carbon neutral”, “climate change”, “net-zero”. These are all concepts that have been thrown around quite a bit in recent times. These topics are at the forefront of the media, public consciousness, and collective thought, and society is demanding more companies to become sustainable. As a country, South Africa is not immune to the impacts of climate change, and we need to contribute to a more sustainable future. Big corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are under heightened scrutiny of regulation and public opinion.

South African SMEs need to take action towards sustainability and start benefitting from the advantages that come with being a sustainable business. In this whitepaper Peter-Jan Roose, Senior Manager at BrightWolves, and Suzaan Hobson, Business Analyst at BrightWolves South Africa, guides you through some key concepts, international protocols and standards. Download the ebook below for a run down on all there is to know.


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