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Making my move from Finance to Consulting: A move I haven’t regretted one single day

Written by Manon Albertz


Mid-January 2023 marked the beginning of my journey at BrightWolves. I left the safety of working internally in a company's finance department to embark on a career in consulting.

5 years ago I started my career in a young graduate scheme at a Belgian telecommunication company. I got to work in the FP&A (financial panning & analysis) team, my favourite part about the job was closely collaborating with the strategy team on the long-term plan, and through the young grad scheme I got to work on some internal innovation projects, a combination I really liked.

However after 3,5 years, and finalizing my young grad scheme, I felt my learning curve wasn’t as steep anymore, and it was time for a change either internally or externally. As a coincidence at that time I was contacted by a company, where I had done a 6-month internship when in university, to join their management reporting team and so I made the switch to a whole new sector, but still as part of the finance department. But after a couple of months my curiosity for other sectors and other roles popped up again… and this momentum triggered my interest and potential switch to consultancy.

But why did I choose BrightWolves out of all possible consultancy firms?

I was convinced for 3 reasons:

  • Teamwork has always been one of my main attractions to a company, and BrightWolves embodies this perfectly, through our cooperative company culture.

  • The entrepreneurial & hands-on mindset, helping the company grow through the different pillars and not just focusing on client-work

  • The broad range of projects in terms of roles, industries and size of companies

Of course getting out my comfort zone seemed somewhat scary at first, and even more so since my first project at BrightWolves was on operational excellence in a manufacturing company, which meant that I was on the factory floor assessing how operational processes could be improved. But doing something completely different was so refreshing and the exact reason I had made the switch.

Throughout my time here at BrightWolves, I've come to realize that this job can be quite challenging yet rewarding. In addition to client work, I got to engage in one of our internal pillars, namely, recruitment and became part of our business tribe. But I also got to write articles and create trainings that leverage on my expertise that I’ve build over the past five years. This highlights the entrepreneurship, teamwork, and passion within the team. We consistently go the extra mile. And the support and friendship you get from the team is incredible. We stay connected through our weekly "tea time sweet time" at the office, gather on Fridays for lunch and Fri-YAY drinks. Our bond extends beyond business hours as we organize various activities to strengthen our connection. I've already participated in activities such as a short ski trip, karting, BrightWolves' 5th-anniversary party, an M&A dinner, bowling, a charity event, a festival, a 3-day boot camp, a day at the seaside, playing a round of golf, and many more are on the agenda.

It’s not an easy choice to make, but it’s one that I haven’t regretted one single day.

I’m happy to have a chat with anyone whom is thinking about their next move. Do not hesitate to reach out to me!


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