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BrightWolves goes international with the launch of a new entity in South Africa

Driving meaningful and lasting impact lies at the core of the BrightWolves ethos. It is the common thread in every engagement, project and growth ambition. Today we are delighted to announce the launch of BrightWolves South Africa.

The idea was born in March 2022, following a successful project in the Western Cape region of South Africa. You may think it is a surprising first international expansion for a company headquartered in Brussels. Though South Africa might not encompass a perfect business environment, we believe that challenges can also reveal a wealth of opportunities for creating a positive impact. In South Africa, we have witnessed an extraordinary entrepreneurial drive which aligns strongly with the BrightWolves approach.

BrightWolves’ vision is to deliver a positive and sustainable impact to our clients, our team and the South African economy. We do so by accelerating business and digital transformation, from strategy to implementation. The strength of BrightWolves lies in our ability to effectively bridge the gap between analysis, recommendation and action in a way that is highly ethical and inclusive. While we have extensive experience in Europe, we recognize the need to adapt our knowledge to South Africa’s local specificities. At BrightWolves South Africa, we offer made-to-measure solutions for our clients with both global and local experts. Our promise is to deliver exceptional value through intelligent team design and a tailored approach based on the unique nature of the challenge at hand.

“We are very excited with this important step in the development of BrightWolves as an enabler for the ongoing digital and sustainable transformations”, says Kris Vansanten, Founder and Managing Partner of BrightWolves. “The collective entrepreneurial spirit of our entire team, in combination with our conviction that Europe can and will play an important role in the acceleration of Africa as a strategic sourcing partner for commodities and a driving force for the upcoming energy transition, inspired us to take this exciting step. With the start of our South African entity, we also demonstrate our ambition to become an international player, leveraging diversity, professionalism and value-driven conscious entrepreneurship as the key differentiating factors for generating impact in society.”

The remarkable can-do attitude amongst South Africans and the entrepreneurs who continue to challenge the status quo aligns fully with the BrightWolves INSPIRE values. We are delighted to be embarking on this new adventure.

Thank you to everyone who has played a pivotal role in bringing BrightWolves South Africa to life and our first clients for placing their trust in us.

Would you like to find out more about the BrightWolves South Africa story and offerings? Have a look at our LinkedIn page or do not hesitate to reach out directly to Coenraad Bezuidenhout


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