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Extending our service portfolio to the B2B-market will result in more sales... Right?

Written by Robin Dehondt

When a company approaches BrightWolves with these exiting questions, our consulting heart skips a beat and we get immediately thrilled for the next challenge. How do you assess a B2C service company’s readiness to penetrate the entirely different B2B-market?

A long time ago, Economics 101 taught us a general theory called “The Law of Supply & Demand”. This simple and (maybe by this reason) effective law was used as the backbone structure for our last project. This left us with 2 vital perspectives, yet each with numerous unanswered questions.


  • Which services can be offered in the B2B-setting?

  • How will these services add value to the B2B-customers?

  • Can we offer these services with a sufficient volume?

  • Is serving the B2B-market feasible with the current IT & Operational structure?


  • Who specifically in the B2B-market is waiting for our services?

  • What are their requirements before entering a partnership?

  • Which services are requested?

  • How many sales can we expect?

  • ….

Time to provide clear answers by thorough and exhaustive data-analyses combined with expert insights.

Perhaps conclude the project as the consulting saying goes: “Strategize & put it on a slide”? Maybe even finish off with a fancy dinner after the presentation?

We at BrightWolves strive to have more impact than that. Guiding & managing the adequate implementation of our proposed strategic vision constructed a rock-solid base for the novel B2B-department. In just 4 months’ time, this resulted in:


  • An iteratively sharpened MVP-offer of 9 key services for the B2B-market

  • Organisational transformation & alignment across 4 departments

  • 3 successfully launched long-term strategic partnerships with top-level B2B-players

Maybe we did have that dinner, maybe not…. But one thing is certain, we did have impact!

Interested to know more about BrightWolves? Don't hesitate to schedule a call with one of the Wolves.


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