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Bring your digital ideas to life with the BrightWolves’ Solution Design Factory

Written by Sven Van Hoorebeeck

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world

Changes are occurring all around us, both in our daily lives and in the work environment. Most changes, however, have been made in recent years, compared to previous decades. Look at the speed at which society is changing, technology is evolving, and a pandemic is forcing us to change our daily operations.

As the world is changing extremely fast, our digital way of working needs to change to keep up. Therefore, we should continuously explore and work out new digital ideas.

“Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world” - Lauren Bacall

Ensuring your business will still be relevant in the years to come means constantly looking for digital innovation with a high potential value add for your customers. Many of these opportunities are often rooted inside your own organization, but covered under a “layer of dust” due to a strong day-to-day operational focus. On the other side, multiple business units may take up the same idea at the same time, but without coordination often resulting in double work and money not well spent. Other times, the new ideas are put into practice without proper initial screening or analysis, and this is required to ensure a sustainable, successful, and viable solution.

Grow up ;-) and establish a proven way of working out ideas

To give your digital ideas and insights a chance to come to life and succeed, our Solution Design Factory (SDF) is the proven way of working.

The Solution Design Factory focuses on analyzing all digitally related ideas, and working out the most suitable ones into real digital solutions for your business.

It starts with understanding and mapping the needs of the business. Once that is done, all ideas and propositions, being internal units or external, are continuously collected in the Solution Design Factory (SDF). Once an idea enters the SDF, its added value to customers and contribution to the business strategy is assessed. By doing so, only the solutions that make the most sense (supported by a business case) are taken to the final stage.

In the final stage, the idea is elaborated in a detailed solution design. This will serve as a basis to develop the digital solution, as well as the acceptance criteria for your finished product.

You might say: “We are already doing this… in some way…”

You might be wondering what is the buzz about this, as a lot of companies are already looking into these ideas in one way or another. But let that last part of the sentence be the problem. The effort done is often too scattered and uncoordinated in an organization today, with people not having the right skill set for this.

Employing the Solution Design Factory approach brings you:

  • A focused team that brings ideas to life – ensuring dedicated time to make sure your organization doesn’t miss the high speed “change” train

  • A clear approach and pathway to materialize on all the ideas living in your organization

  • A central point, allowing to keep a clear overview of all initiatives and eliminating duplication of effort

  • Wolves that understand both the business world and technical world, and have it their life mission to make business & IT flow seamlessly into each other; packed with experience on how to tackle business-digital challenges

Want to learn more on how the Solution Design Factory approach can help you speed up solution delivery? Feel free to reach out to or book a short call.


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