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Capturing the market potential for a Belgian manufacturer in Iberia

A Belgian manufacturing company faced concerns over declining sales in Spain and Portugal, prompting the need for a refined  go-to-market approach for their young subsidiary.



Entering the Iberian market, our client encountered well-established competitors with extensive (customer) networks and a large, overarching product and service portfolio. They asked us to assess the market, and propose a refined route-to-market strategy to gain a foothold in the Iberian market, strengthen their business against the competition, and ultimately boost local revenue.



Potential customers analyzed with AskAldo

Site visits in 11 Iberian cities



Our four-step solution, with regular iterations included:

  1. Desk research: This phase included extensive desk research into the market, macroeconomic influences, and the company's local environment. This provided a strong foundation of knowledge about market dynamics, trends, and key players from the get-go.

  2. Site visits across Iberia: Through site visits to potential customers across various cities, we deepened our understanding of the local market and verified information won in the first phase. By mapping local competitors and customers, we identified needs, preferences and challenges that posed opportunities for our client.

  3. Analyzing the customer landscape: We combined all our knowledge and data to create a detailed analysis of the customer landscape to understand our client's target customers.

  4. Defining an opportunity map: We identified and defined several value propositions linking to the target customer profiles. All recommendations were backed by data from desk research (in collaboration with AskAldo) and field research.

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Our findings highlighted the potential in the Iberian market but emphasized the competitive landscape among existing players. To reach target customers effectively, the client needed to approach them with the best-suited product portfolio that would help them get into sales negotiations. Realistically assessing the market, trends, competitor analysis, and the clients' unique selling points provided us with relevant value proposals and ambitious but feasible opportunities to reach their goals. We developed a user-friendly model for data collection and analysis, granting the client control over analysis tools to adapt to future changes, extending the value of our assignment beyond our active involvement. With the achievable market model and recommended route-to-market, the client is expected to reach the desired top line within the desired short-to-medium term.

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