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Meet the Wolves - Sven Van Hoorebeeck

Written by Sven Van Hoorebeeck

Proven track record in digital transformation and IT strategy projects

As former Senior Manager at PwC, driving the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IT Portfolio Project Management service offering, I bring over 10 years’ experience in technology consulting to BrightWolves.

During the first 6 years at PwC, I focused on a mix of IT strategy and large IT business transformation projects: I was, amongst others, involved in the roll-out of a custom developed contract and order-to-invoice system at a large logistics player; I was program manager at a payment provider for an IT infrastructure harmonisation project. The following years, I focused on the transformation of organisations to an agile way of working, preparing them for rapidly upcoming market changes. I assisted, for example, in shifting an entire IT organisation to enable a closer cooperation with the business side of the company. On top of that, I was building up the RPA-unit (Robot Process Automation) at PwC. Within this team, my responsibilities included business development, project execution, and methodology.

Joining a pack of passionate bright talents willing to go the extra mile

After 10 interesting years, it was time for a new challenge. BrightWolves was an obvious choice: a young, dynamic company with lots of potential. What attracted me most is the opportunity to help build and shape the organisation whilst also having the possibility to quickly respond to client needs. BrightWolves’ way of working clearly differs from other consultancy firms. Our project execution approach is very pragmatic: we are not trying to come up with a lengthy strategic planning project, where the client only gets a large slide deck in the end. Instead we work in sprints to define a plan that is immediately converted into concrete action, aiming to realise impact as soon as possible. If the client only needs one or two consultants to support the execution of his business transformation initiatives, our passionate, independent and bright talents are ready to go the extra mile. We respond to the real client needs and we tailor our offer to their requests.

Transformation is digital

My ambition? To further develop the Digital Transformation pillar, which is – next to Strategy & Corporate Finance and Organization & Operations – one of the three pillars within BrightWolves. In today’s market, cloud-based applications are popping up everywhere, making use of new technologies such as machine learning, speech to text, NLP, etc. All have a huge impact on the business model or operational way of working within companies, so they can’t be ignored. Moreover, whenever companies are going through a transformation, a digital component is inextricably linked to that process. So, to fully support our clients in their transformation efforts, it is important to tackle the digital angle as well.

We are already helping a company to market an IoT-based product that will radically change the way of interacting with their customers. But now, we want to step up our digital transformation game at BrightWolves. Today’s world is, indeed, in transformation; but the future looks Bright!


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