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Celebrating the launch of BrightWolves South Africa

On a gorgeous October evening, nestled between the ocean and the mountains in Cape Town, we came together to celebrate the launch of BrightWolves South Africa. This special occasion was not only a time to show our gratitude to the incredible businessmen and businesswomen who have walked this journey beside us, lending their support, advice and trust, but also a time to solidify these strong relationships.

BrightWolves South Africa launched in a fashion true to this remarkable country; with a braai at the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. One could argue that there are a few notable sports in South Africa – soccer, rugby and braaiing! Typically, a braai is a time for friends and family to come together around a fire, regaling in stories with the consistent melody of laughter in the background. It was therefore rather serendipitous that our keynote speaker, Josh Hendrickson, spoke about the importance of storytelling in business. How many times do we begin an engagement with a question about the weather or “sjoe, this loadshedding hey?!”. Josh challenged everyone to get to know their team members and customers through storytelling. Speaking from experience, he begins each Monday meeting with 5-minute storytime!

We were fortunate to be joined by Kris Vansanten, Founder of Quanteus Group (parent company of BrightWolves), Chairman of the BrightWolves South Africa board and chief storyteller. In his welcoming speech, Kris beautifully encapsulated our ambitions and promise to the people of South Africa.

In Kris’ address to future and current clients:

I promise that we will strive for a sustainable, positive impact on your business and operations through the work we will do for you, in a true partnership spirit and subject to full compliance with our values. Based on equality, not subordination.

In Kris’ address to future and current employees:

I promise that we will develop you up to your full potential, and that we will consider you as equal sparring partners as of day one – no subordination, no autocratic line of authority, in full trust.

And in Kris’ address to all South Africans:

I promise that in everything we do we will strive for a positive impact for the South African people and society as a primary condition before even considering the start of a client relationship or engagement.

Our value proposition, as BrightWolves South Africa, is focused not only on the growth enablers and efficiency builders within business, but more importantly on two vital and impactful transformations. The transformations we speak of are (1) the Digital Transformation and (2) the Sustainable Transformation. By delivering solutions from strategy to implementation, we are able to co-create tangible impact.

So South Africa, what are you waiting for? The time to create sustainable impact and ensure the longevity of your company, your people and the South African business landscape is now. Ready to take the leap and entrust us with your business challenges? Reach out to Coenraad Bezuidenhout


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