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Knowledge sharing & senior coaching form essential parts of our model. We are committed to develop the full potential of our young talents into future business leaders

Cutting-edge tailored learning program

At BrightWolves, we are committed to life-long learning. As the world around us evolves, so should we - to stay relevant for our clients and for ourselves. 

Therefore, we ensure our consultants can sharpen and expand their current skills along 4 dimensions:

  • Consulting foundation

  • General skills 

  • Technical skills 

  • Leadership development 

Our Approach 


Our consulting foundation will provide you with a solid basis to act as a true consultant. The foundation is for everybody joining BrightWolves with little to none prior consulting experience.

  • Onboarding programme: two intense weeks where you will receive consulting skills training modules (e.g. Storytelling, PowerBI, Business Case building, Presentation Skills, Commercial Pitch training…) and insights of real life experiences from guest speakers, while at the same time working on a real pro-bono client case study – with presentation to the client’s responsible managers at the end of the 2 weeks. Teambuilding activities will certainly be part of the game as well.

  • BrightWolves Bootcamps: each bootcamp will focus on a specific specialist topic (e.g. Finance, Digital, Sustainable Value Transformation, Lean, Data…) that represent the vast majority of our assignments. During 3 days each Wolf will be immersed in the topic in order to strengthen his or her delivery capacity on projects. You are guaranteed to participate to all of them in order to build your business acumen and create a general understanding of all aspects.


Sharpening and practicing your soft skills happens best in real life situations. However, in order to start, you should have a toolbox that you can use and apply. That is exactly what we have foreseen for you.

Along four dimensions (presenting, coaching, interacting and commercial contracting), we will offer you learning activities that are tailored to your experience and needs at that moment. As with everything, we try to stand out and provide you with truly differentiating learning moments (e.g. bringing in a real actor to sharpen your presentation skills) and toolboxes (e.g. visually facilitating a workshop with amazing hand-drawn graphics).


Plenty of consulting organizations show off with an infinite list of training modules you can follow. Looking back, only a few are relevant to your expertise development and applicable in your projects. We have thrown that overboard and allow you to be behind the steering wheel.

Within the areas you will evolve in, we offer suggestions on technical learning activities to follow (e.g. financial modelling, lean, data analytics, scrum master… but also relevant events and business books). You can pick from this list but are also stimulated to look further and come up with personal suggestions. Together with your career development advisor, you determine the path that you follow to build your expertise. This ensures that you follow relevant learning activities for your career and ongoing projects.


BrightWolves are all highly motivated, independent and entrepreneurial people for which “good is not enough”. Leadership skills are present in all of us, but always need further tweaking to ensure they reach their full potential and enable you to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Therefore, BrightWolves stimulates and grows your leadership capabilities continuously throughout your career along 3 dimensions through interactive learning sessions with other leaders of tomorrow:

  1.    Self-Leadership

  2.    Team Leadership

  3.    Strategic Leadership

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