Sustainable Transformation heading backg

Sustainable Transformation

"Sustainability is not a choice, it is a necessity for the survival of our economy" "

How can we support your transformation?

Too often, growth is seen from a business-only perspective. Pressure rises to take strategic actions that include society, climate and economic growth. 

BrightWolves uses its analytical and organizational skillset to bring new perspectives into your decision-making processes to strengthen and accelerate your sustainable transformation.

The future looks bright when you are ready to shape it.

Boost your sustainability journey

Sustainable strategy

Analyze your ESG footprint and define key targets
Translate your ambitions into an exciting roadmap

"Seize competitive advantage by placing sustainability at the center of your business"  

Start your sustainable transformation
Stakeholder analysis and mapping
Stakeholder interaction and inclusiveness
Materiality assessment



"Leading companies turn stakeholders into valuable partners, from  engaged clients, over co-innovating

suppliers to a participative




"Transparent reporting on risks and opportunities enables an organization to consider its impact on a wide range of sustainability issues."  

Understand risks and opportunities
Meet the needs of all stakeholders
Set up sustainability governance practices


"Sustainability acts as a valuable lens to identify new business initiatives, products and markets."

Discover new business oportunities
Test feasibility within your business model
Launch like a lean start-up
Analyze your ESG footprint and define key targets
Analyze your ESG footprint and define key targets

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Peter-Jan Roose

Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Reporting
Risk Assessment

"Do you want to share insights on the role of finance in sustainability?"

Lode Verbruggen

Sustainable Strategy
Sustainable Transformation
Materiality Assessment

"Interested in discussing your challenges over a good cup of fairtrade coffee?"

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Sustainability survey 2021 - Dashboard

Digital Work Life

Play with the results of our

sustainability survey performed with over 1000 respondents


Footprint Analysis

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Learn how to measure and analyze your company's environmental footprint

Discover our 'Inspiring the Pack' podcast series

In this first season, you will learn from start-up and scale-up founders, who put sustainability at the core of their business. The episodes encompass founders’ individual experiences, failures and successes, as well as insider tips for other entrepreneurs with a drive to do good for the planet. Enjoy!


Join us in the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

Find out why we joined BACA (and why we believe your organization should join too)

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Listen to our 'Inspiring the Pack' podcast series
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