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Sustainable Finance Series

During the course of five episodes, our sustainable finance expert Peter-Jan Roose will discuss the EU initiatives that are accelerating the transition towards a climate neutral economy.

What is the programme?


Every week, Peter-Jan Roose will send you a 10–15-minute video episode in which he discusses:

Episode 1: European Green Deal

What is the European Green Deal and why is this initiative vital to tackle climate change

Episode 2: The EU sustainable finance package

The aims and benefits of the EU sustainable finance package

Episode 3: EU taxonomy

The pillars of the EU taxonomy, its importance, who is impacted and the main challenges to overcome

Episode 4: CSRD

Its predecessor, the non-financial reporting directive (NFRD) and the most important changes compared to NFRD

Episode 5: Time to act

Quick actions that you and your company can take today to prepare yourself for a better tomorrow

Who is Peter-Jan Roose?

Peter-Jan Roose is a senior manager, at BrightWolves, leading sustainable business transformation in Finance and Supply Chain.

The last three years he has gained experience in the field of sustainable finance, integrated reporting, ESG Due Diligence and sustainable strategy.


Form and duration

Weekly video episodes send to your mailbox as of August 15.


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