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Explore the challenges and opportunities of being a sustainability officer in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Reception and walking dinner
Peter-Jan presenting


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3.00 PM

Workshop 1 

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4.30 PM

Workshop 2 

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6.00 PM

Start of the evening

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6.30 PM

Keynote speakers

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7.30 PM

Informal dinner
Relax & connect with sustainability officers over dinner


In your roles as sustainability officers, you frequently find yourselves navigating uncharted territory. You encounter new regulations, untested solutions, operational hurdles, and the high expectations of C-level executives for immediate results.


However, many questions arise:

  • How can you transform these challenges and initiatives into actionable strategies within your organizations? 

  • How can you ensure that your company's leadership fully embraces them? 

  • What are the essential steps to make sustainability initiatives thrive within your company?

We've invited some seasoned sustainability professionals who will generously share their experiences integrating LCA into their strategic toolbox, along with invaluable insights.


Additionally we are pleased to offer the possibility of following two optional workshops before the evening event. These workshops will delve into the concept of Life Cycle Assessment, providing sessions those just starting with their LCA as well as those with more experience who want to explore further steps.

Workshop topics:

  • Session 1: Get started with LCA

  • Session 2: Scale up your action with data & people management

  • Session 3: Leverage your impact assessment toward executives

  • Session 4: Enhance Supply Chain Value with LCA & Lean Principles  


To conclude the evening, you will have the opportunity to unwind and network with fellow sustainability officers during an informal vegetarian dinner.  

Don't pass up this chance to become an integral part of the sustainability movement!

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This event is only for professionals in the sustainability sphere.
Register before April 18th.

Do you wish to participate in our exclusive workshops?

Disclaimer: If there is not enough interest in one of the selected workshops, we might move you to another workshop. In that case we will communicate accordingly. 

For more information, please check out our privacy statement.

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