Strategy & Finance

Today's business environments are changing rapidly, and clearly defined strategic direction is a must to stay ahead. At BrightWolves, we help companies develop in-depth and data driven investment strategies to ensure well-founded decisions are made.


Our Approach

BrightWolves consultants use their deep financial, quantitative and analytical skills to support CEOs and CFOs in defining the corporate strategy and modelling the impact of different strategic options. we remain a trusted partner from strategy up to implementation. 

The BrightWolves Way

With our hands-on and pragmatic approach, we provide sharp strategy recommendations and support you with the implementation of your strategic goals.

Selected Expertise

BrightWolves tackle challenges with in-depth expertise

Strategic Alignment

Impact is a combination of Strategy and Execution. BrightWolves has developed a robust 4-step approach to align executive teams towards one clear and concise strategic roadmap:

  1. Preparation

  2. Exploration

  3. Definition of objectives

  4. Elaboration of roadmap + implementation

Miguel Van Damme

CFO Advisor 

Our CFO advisors will bring your finance organization back to the top of its game, which will boost the growth of your company. To achieve this, we will help you focus on:

  1. People

  2. Operating Model

  3. Technology

  4. Data & Analytics

Peter-Jan Roose

Commercial Due Diligence

BrightWolves' commercial due diligence approach consists of three phases:

  1. External analysis

  2. Internal analysis

  3. Future outlook


This allows you to make informed decisions during a potential acquisition and provides additional advantages in case of a positive investment decision. 

Domien Agten 

Sustainable Business Transformation

Playing time is over. Sustainability is the new name of the game. And it is here to stay, it is the next transformational wave, comparable to digitization. Window-dressing and feel-good strategies will no longer do the trick.


To be part of the winners in the new era, companies and business leaders must be prepared to completely re-think their value chain and make sustainability part of the core of their business model.

Lode Verbruggen

Value Based Pricing

Value based pricing is BrightWolves' preferred pricing method to justify higher prices. Firstly, we identify products/services eligible for value-based pricing. Secondly, new prices will be analysed with input from value discovery workshops. Lastly, we will enable value communication and value selling in your organisation.

Bjarne Keytsman

ESG Finance Acceleration

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) is key in driving impactful change in achieving a true net-zero global economy. To support FSI, we have developed CLEAN, a 5-step approach that will help you set the right building blocks of your strategy, operations and funding options: 

  1. Comprehend

  2. Leverage

  3. Evaluate

  4. Assess

  5. Nurture

Nicolas Solignac

Example of Projects in Selected Industries

Examples of selected projects where BrightWolves can intervene


Performed a competitive analysis to support the Executive Board in redefining the corporate and/or innovation strategy


Supported investment managers of a Private Equity player in performing the Due Diligence of a target company


Developed a financial model to provide the CEO of a group with quantitative arguments to evaluate the different options of the company’s future business model


Built a valuation model to support the CFO of a company envisaging an acquisition

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