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An Introduction to the Basics of Life Cycle Assessments

This workshop offers a solid grounding in the LCA framework and its essential elements. We'll walk you through key concepts such as goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, and impact assessment, providing insights into the significant impact LCAs can have on businesses and their value chains.

LCA Intro

What you can expect

The workshop is designed to be flexible and interactive, ensuring an optimal learning experience tailored to the participants' backgrounds and needs. The workshop will be conducted in small groups. We can organize the session either at your company's offices for convenience or at BrightWolves' premises for sessions involving individuals from various organizations. The workshop covers the following topics:

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LCA Framework Overview

Gain a solid grasp of what LCAs are, their importance, and how they are used to evaluate the environmental impacts of products, processes, and services throughout their life cycle.

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Goal & Scope Definition

Learn how to define the objective and boundaries of an LCA, setting the stage for a focused and meaningful assessment.

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Inventory Analysis

Delve into the data collection process, understanding how to compile and quantify the inputs and outputs associated with the product or process under study.

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Impact Assessment

Explore how to evaluate the potential environmental impacts based on the inventory data, using established methods to interpret results accurately.

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Discover how to make sense of LCA results, identify significant issues, and develop actionable insights to drive sustainable decisions.

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Business Value

Understand the added value of LCAs for businesses, including benefits such as improved sustainability strategies, enhanced product development, and better communication with stakeholders.

You can expect a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience that covers the basics of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).  You will gain insights from experienced professionals, engage in interactive discussions, and leave with a clear understanding of LCAs.

Workshop Format

This is for you if...

You are a professional with general interest in Sustainability and Supply Chain dynamics.

You  want to integrate LCA insights into your business practices.

You are eager to use LCA to drive sustainable decisions and enhance your organization's environmental impact.


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