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The story of AskAldo

Written by Twan Huysmans & Ruben Pintens

What is AskAldo?

Ask Aldo emerges as the latest exciting entrepreneurial adventure from BrightWolves. It is a methodology and a platform where we provide data-driven and actionable market insights, to meet the growing demand of companies & investors alike. AskAldo brings together the diverse capabilities of BrightWolves – bridging our market research expertise within the business tribe on the one hand with advanced digital skills within the digit tribe on the other. Its methodology delivers a cohesive product that fills a gap in the market. The resulting product offerings can be categorized into niche market datasets, insightful reports and dashboards, and custom surveys. Beyond its business objectives, AskAldo provides fertile ground for the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. It offers wolves the opportunity to hone their skillsets, fortify their entrepreneurial drive, highlight their abilities as collaborative team players, and most importantly: have fun.

The birth of Aldo

The idea of AskAldo was sparked by Miguel, igniting the enthusiasm of 8 other entrepreneurial Wolves. Their ambition to contribute beyond day-to-day projects fueled a dynamic journey that brought AskAldo to life. Amid the ideation in late November 2022, a determined deadline was set or its January 2023 launch, originally under the moniker 'Project January'. In just two whirlwind months, the core team defied expectations, unveiling AskAldo on January 31st. Throughout this period, they not only invented the platform's name but also crafted market datasets, developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, and refined the product offerings. This achievement highlights the very essence of BrightWolves' culture fostering entrepreneurship in its core values.

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