"Start my career in a dynamic and entrepreneurial company"

Author: Thomas Schroyen

A reflection on my first week at BrightWolves, the start of a new adventure – by Thomas Schroyen

As Civil Engineer, I wanted to start my career in a dynamic company where I could have an impact, both on the company itself and for the clients. Therefore, I was looking for a company that could offer a personal approach and where I could reach my full potential. This is exactly what I found at BrightWolves, the company started two years ago and is growing rapidly. Another important factor which made BrightWolves even more attractive to me is the fact that they are part of the Quanteus Group which has over 100 highly specialized consultants in General Management and Marketing. As a result, a knowledge sharing culture is established whereby the employees can leverage the experience of everyone in the group.

I learned so much during my onboarding week

My first week: Onboarding Week

As for everyone, it was very exciting to arrive on the first day of my new job. The day started with a breakfast session where the new hires got a general introduction to the company: people-projects-training. We immediately felt very much at ease and ready to kickstart our onboarding week. This onboarding week was mainly dedicated to trainings to get our basic consulting skills on point. We focused on topics such as presenting, interviewing, data analysis, structuring, project management and much more. This very busy week resulted in a lot of new knowledge gained, but also in the eagerness to start on our first project.

Next to the learning part of this week, we also had other, more relaxing, activities such as a company dinner, an inspirational talk by a former executive of Google and Friday drinks at the office with the entire Quanteus Group. All these activities combined resulted in a memorable first week which confirmed that I made the right decision to start at BrightWolves.

Personal highlight of the Onboarding Week

To put all the theory into practice, the new wolves had to work on a real-life case for the Quanteus Group which needed to be presented to the managing partners by the end of the week. During this limited timeframe, we needed to do an assessment of improvement opportunities of the car policy. This case enabled us to experience a real project, the scope was not clear and information imperfect. In the end, through good guidance and hard work, we delivered our recommendations which resulted in further actions that will be undertaken within the group.  We experienced first hand the impact we could have within the company, even as Junior Consultants. The most important factor which made this case very appealing for me was the fact that it was a real-life problem within the company and therefore the managing partners had a genuine interest in the case and in our recommendations.

Everyone is very open and the non-hierarchical structure is real

Experiencing the company culture

In general, everyone is very open and the non-hierarchical structure is real. For instance, the CEO, Kris Vansanten, regularly came to check in on the new hires to see how our day was going and what we were doing. In case you had any questions, everyone was willing to take their time to offer help. Hereby, I felt very much at ease approaching people with questions. This feeling was also confirmed during the Friday drinks at the bar in the office. The employees, from all the other entities of Quanteus Group such as The House of Marketing, joined for the weekly Friday drink and were very relaxed to have a chat while enjoying a cold beer. It was a great moment to get to know the other employees in a more informal way.

Future perspectives

In the following weeks I will be staffed on a project. This can be an individual assignment with coaching support from within BrightWolves. On the other hand, this can also be a team based project where I will team up with other consultants from within the Quanteus Group. Next to a client project, I will also be involved in shaping the future of BrightWolves by supporting them in achieving their growth objectives. Whichever it will be, I am looking forward to my first project and I am very exited to see what the future holds.