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One year at BrightWolves - Marnik Willems

Written by Marnik Willems

What they say about consulting is true: I gained expertise in different domains, across a wide range of industries and in various roles. Immediate responsibility and high impact, both at clients and internally, is what BrightWolves offers on top. Exactly this, together with being part of an inspiring team, boosted my personal growth beyond expectations.

While being at university, professionals and recruiters always pitch consulting in the same way: “You will work in a fast-paced environment across different industries, gain expertise in different domains and in various roles.” While all of this is true, in the end, dozens of companies tell you the same story. BrightWolves added some elements that shaped my decision to join – now more than a year ago.

Responsibility from day one was the first element that triggered me. Not only do young graduates receive ownership of their projects, they actively contribute to the growth of BrightWolves itself. This entrepreneurial angle is rare in consulting and it adds an interesting layer on top of your day-to-day responsibilities and professional growth. At my first Den Meeting – BrightWolves’ monthly team gathering – back in May 2019, I chose to be part of the recruitment team. During my first year, I negotiated partnerships, conducted case interviews, organized events for students and gave workshops at multiple universities. The learnings from these experiences boosted my growth and helped me perform better at clients too.

Since joining BrightWolves, my client work has been very diverse. I worked on assignments in digital transformation, data, strategy and corporate finance and in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare, technology and private equity. All these projects required a different skill set. On the job coaching, complemented with collective and individual trainings, prepared me to take on any challenge. And if I needed help, the Wolfpack was there to have my back.

This brings me to the amazing group of people I am proud to be part of. We all have one goal in mind: creating sustainable impact at clients, BrightWolves itself and society as a whole. This collective spirit inspires me to go the extra mile and has helped in boosting my professional and personal development over the last year. I look forward to the years to come.

Do you want to know more about BrightWolves, who we are or what we do? Then I warmly invite you to grab a virtual coffee with us – my colleagues and I would be happy to get to know you too!


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