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Meet the Wolves - Lode Verbruggen

Author: Lode Verbruggen

Why I'm passionate about digital transformation

The world of digital transformation is vast and continuously evolving. As a consultant you get to experience an incredible mix of new technologies, change management and long-term strategic choices.

During my studies of Economics and Law, ‘digital’ was a distant topic. For economists, technology is a mere production factor and in Law anything digital was considered suspicious. Almost by accident I followed one optional course on advanced analytics – and I was hooked.

A post-graduate and some work experience later I started at IBM, where I had the opportunity to work on large digital projects. I discovered that digital transformations are always exciting and never easy. Whether you want to improve operations, innovate your business model or create a brand-new digital offer – you are always managing multiple challenges at the same time. For example, I once introduced agile project management, implemented a new technology and updated the offering all at the same time, in order to automate the underwriting of a large non-life insurer.

I then joined KPMG – management consulting in order to shift my focus shifted to advising clients on how digital can enable new sources of business growth. My days existed of visioning sessions, building digital road maps and supporting digital implementations. During one project, we supported the client by making the mayor leap from working with a mainframe IT system towards process automation and robotics. Next to this I launched expert groups and partnerships to build new service offers around emerging technologies such as Blockchain, RPA and Fintech.

Digital transformation at BrightWolves

Convinced by the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic atmosphere, I joined BrightWolves in 2018. BrightWolves has a clear vision on digital transformation: go beyond the hypes and provide pragmatic support during digital journeys.

In its core, BrightWolves remain business consultants rather than IT consultants, which means BrightWolves will only embark on a digital transformation when it truly enables its client’s business strategy. By staying on top of technological trends without ever clinging to a specific technology or software, BrightWolves can provide independent expert advice on digital strategy.

When it comes down to implementing digital strategies, BrightWolves is hands-on and provides solid support. With pointed advise on functional aspects or project and change management, BrightWolves keeps the focus strong and the motivation high.