Benedikte’s journey to consulting

Author: Massiel De Jesus

Positive. Determined. Trustworthy. These are the words our new Danish Wolf uses to describe herself. Benedikte recently joined the pack as a consultant for HighMind. She is currently working on a data engineering project that perfectly fits her background in digital implementation and data governance. Aside from work, Benedikte loves swimming, running, and brewing her own Kombucha. Not only is she great at creating stunning concoctions in her kitchen, she is also very involved in making the world a better place. Benedikte tries to bridge the gender gap through women’s financial emancipation. As you can see, Benedikte loves variety and that is how she found herself working in the consulting industry.

Business, medicine, or both?

Benedikte’s story starts in Copenhagen, Denmark. After high school, she realized her path could go two ways. Or she would study business, just like her mother, or she would dive into the world of medicine, just like her father. As Benedikte has a thing for maths, she started her journey at Copenhagen Business School, where she studied International Business. During her master’s in International Management, she had the opportunity to visit the sprawling metropolis of San Diego and the enchanting city of Lausanne, Switzerland. After her studies, she started working for Demant, a Danish medical company, where she assisted in the implementation of a new management system. Part of her job involved traveling to Belgium and that is how she arrived at the heart of Europe.

The BrightWolves’ journey begins

While working at Demant, Benedikte was working on various projects within a limited time span. This is where her interest in consulting grew. While others were afraid of jumping into the unknown, Benedikte thrived in it... ”In consulting, you get the opportunity to dive deep into something that you do not know much about, or at least not in the beginning. It can be a new field or a new topic, and you just have to crack it open.“

After finishing her project at the health care firm, she went back to Denmark with a heavy heart, as she was craving another challenge in Belgium. While being in Copenhagen, she applied for a job at HighMind, BrightWolves’ data entity. Why? Mainly because of its culture. ”I was very intrigued by its INSPIRE-ing values, and this really sets BrightWolves apart from other management consulting firms. Also, the fact that they mix senior experts with younger profiles is something that sparked my curiosity,“ she adds. ‘It is like jumping into the deep end of the pool all by yourself, but at the same time, you know you are not alone, as you have a full support system behind you, and they are there to catch you when needed.’

Although there are many aspects that she loves from her job, her favorite part is the people. ”People here are very ambitious, extremely kind, and very good at passing on their knowledge. We go to work every day to become smarter and to create value for our clients, our colleagues, but also for ourselves. At BrightWolves, I learn new things every day, for which I am very grateful.”

Although Benedikte already has some experience, she realizes she only scraped the tip of the iceberg. ”In just one month, I had a steep learning curve, so I am very excited for the next projects to come and see where they will bring me.”

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