How to be everything with Astrid Vanhove

Author: Massiel De Jesus

Have you ever thought of cloning yourself just to be able to follow different pursuits in life? That’s Astrid’s experience in a nutshell, only she didn’t have the clone herself to do it. For those who do not know her, Astrid recently joined the pack as a business analyst. Playful and intellectually curious, Astrid is continuously juggling a variety of passions and careers. From engineering and architecture to business and fashion, Astrid’s resume continues to grow. Although her days are fully packed with work, she also manages to find time to indulge in her main hobby, weightlifting. After picking up some heavy barbells, Astrid works on her most recent investment: a freshly bought house. Want to know how she combines all of her interests in consulting?

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Navigating multiple passions and paving a career path

Astrid’s story starts at the University of Ghent, where she did a bachelor’s in Engineering, with a focus on Architecture. As the Gemini that she is, she loves to keep her options open. ‘If it isn’t a new language, it’s a new hobby, a new field, or even a new career,’ she explains. During her studies, her love for fashion grew, so she wrote a full master thesis about it while living in Milan, one of the world’s most fashionable cities. After diving into the art of structures and space, it was time to get into the art of the interior. With two diplomas in her hand, she decided to work as a freelance designer, where she used her energy on innovative and creative architectural projects, but soon it was time to try out something new, and that’s how she arrived at Vlerick Business School. Astrid was drawn to business and entrepreneurship, so she studied General Management, which was a very fun experience as she met people from all over the world. After graduating, she decided to pursue a career in fashion by doing a management traineeship. After this enriching experience, she wanted to pivot her career to consulting, and that’s how she arrived at BrightWolves.

Architecture, fashion, and consulting: is there a difference?

As you can derive from the previous paragraphs, Astrid thrives in an environment where she can move fluidly from one project to another and that’s why she chose consulting. ‘I love diversity and a rotation between projects so I knew that consulting would be perfect for me.’ Some consider it to be a big jump from architecture and design, but for Astrid, both fields are quite similar. ‘Design and architecture are about analyzing and solving problems in a hands-on manner, and this is something I found here at BrightWolves as well.’

Entrepreneurial BrightWolves

What she likes the most about BrightWolves is how they embrace the entrepreneurial spirit across all divisions. ‘You have colleagues working on all types of internal projects, from marketing to sustainability. I love how everyone is so involved in growing the company. I’m a firm believer that you can only grow your business if you encourage your team to act like entrepreneurs, and this is exactly what happens at BrightWolves. From the first moment you walk through the office door, people trust you, and this really motivates me to bring great results. Our workplace radiates energy, positivity, and growth, and it’s great to see how well we support each other.’

Striving for a more sustainable future

As Astrid is very invested in getting people and businesses to make more conscious choices, she’s looking for new ways to make sustainability a priority for brands and consumers, which is not an easy task. ‘One of the biggest challenges is to prove businesses that sustainability won’t affect their bottom line. It’s up to us to prove to companies that sustainability can positively impact their profitability.’

For those who are interested in reading more about sustainable practices in the fashion industry, Astrid recently wrote an article about it.

In short, having different passions is something that Astrid always noticed throughout her life. She has held different studies and interests, and she’s constantly adding more experiences and knowledge under her belt because that gives her tremendous joy. ‘I’m currently working on my second big project, and it’s so fun to see the difference in approach. Last week I worked on an operational excellence project for a small company, and this week I’m doing something completely different for a big company. I’m very eager to see what’s next, as one can never have too many dreams.’

So, what are you waiting for? Would you like to shape the future and drive value by developing sustainable transformation strategies for all types of businesses? Don’t hesitate and grab a coffee with one of our Wolves!