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Inspiring the Pack - B4Plastics: Plastics friend or foe?

Plastics: Friend or foe?

In the fourth episode of Inspiring the Pack, we sit down with Stefaan De Wildeman, Director of B4Plastics. As a Polymer Architecture company, B4Plastics designs the plastics of tomorrow with functionality, ecology and cost in mind. Intrigued?

Plastics have received a bad reputation over the years – and quite rightly so, in most cases. However, B4Plastics is playing a pivotal role in driving the New Plastics Economy.

Today we discuss:

  • What is a Polymer Architecture company, anyway?!

  • How B4Plastics achieves both accuracy and speed in developing novel biomaterials

  • The 3 qualities of a good entrepreneur, according to Stefaan

Look at some video snippets of the podcast episode

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