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Embracing the Unknown: My first weeks at BrightWolves South Africa

Written by Suzaan Hobson

Cherish these moments because, in a year, this company will be entirely different. We will improve by every metric imaginable, but you'll nonetheless look back at this time of your career with a healthy dose of nostalgia. Remember to enjoy the ride!

This was the valuable advice shared with me over a beer (I can testify that the stereotype is true – Belgians love beer!) after my first weeks at BrightWolves South Africa. I'm happy to report back that I'm taking it all in and loving every moment of it!

My onboarding in South Africa

As the first wolf to undergo onboarding in South Africa, I feel the team deserves full marks for an epic onboarding experience. I am well-equipped to conquer the world of consulting, but most importantly, I have integrated with the team and am excited for the year ahead.

Personally, I'm in an exciting season of my life – a new city, new work, and new routines. I'm convinced that Cape Town is the best city in the world! My mornings are filled with icy sea swims and mountain runs. Evenings after work leave me exhausted, but it's the good kind of exhaustion that comes from learning and giving your all. Watching the sunset over Cape Town re-energizes me every single time.

Life at BrightWolves

The work environment at BrightWolves is both challenging and stimulating. With the team's encouragement and some self-efficacy, I found myself upskilling in no time. The onboarding program is comprehensive, covering a combination of qualitative and quantitative consulting tools and touching on hard and soft skills. Being in a small team gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time close to my colleagues. It is a privilege to be mentored by them, as they draw out the best in me and encourage me to take initiative.

The social aspect at BrightWolves is equally important. I love that BrightWolves takes the "people first" approach seriously! In my first week, we explored the Oranjezicht Market, went out for the best cocktails I've ever had, and aced an escape room in record-breaking time (which is probably a result of having a group of problem-solving wizzes in one room). Most workdays are spent at Workshop 17 on Kloof street. This is such a vibey street, so I loved trying out new lunch and coffee spots with the team. All these daily interactions meant that I grew comfortable with the team in no time.

Meeting my colleagues in Belgium

The Belgian office has also been equally welcoming. Meeting the other Wolves was a highlight. They're always open to help, even from across the ocean. The conversations and nuggets of advice they gave me will stay with me for years to come. Sven advised me to never ever make assumptions and to not think twice about reaching out for help instead of struggling on my own. Miguel gave me life-changing tips on productivity and encouraged me to act proactively, keeping me accountable to the principles I want to follow. PJ shared his experience of balancing work, family life, and rugby. Evelyne spoke about the value of perseverance, and Kris emphasized that BrightWolves genuinely prioritises impact before profit.

When I mentioned that I'm on a high and loving work, they warned me that there are peaks and valleys to this job. Some days may be overwhelming, but that is a given when you choose to live outside your comfort zone. Right now, I feel like I'm standing on a mountain peak. I'll look back on this season with a happy heart.

I am still fresh on the job, but please do reach out to me for a virtual coffee if you are interested in joining the pack or would like to hear more about life at BrightWolves South Africa!


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