Our BrightWolves consultants use their deep financial, quantitative and analytical skills to support the CEOs & CFOs in defining the corporate strategy and modeling the impact of different strategic options. They remain a trusted partner from strategy definition up to implementation of the strategy.

Organization & Operations


There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions to improve your organization and operations. Together we focus on the strengths of your organization and come with a tailored approach. Our ‘lean operations’ and ‘agile organization’ experts are also people managers. This means that they not only design improvements, they know how to make these happen.


Your strategy is only as strong as your organizational adaptability. Flexibility is key for thriving in an ever-changing world. At the same time your operations should remain efficient in order to attain sustainable growth.

Transforming your way of working is very challenging and often companies face inertia, leading many attempts to back-fire and a long period of inward-looking behavior.

Selected Expertise

BrightWolves tackle challenges with in-depth expertise

Agile Organization Design

Liselot Paeleman

Only an agile organization is ready for an ever-changing world. Transforming from a bureaucratic, top-down driven, silo-minded organization to an agile one, is one of the most difficult challenges a company can face. But the pay-off is worth it. Your agility will turn new technologies and customer trends from threats into opportunities. How to get started? The key words are creating a culture of accountability, enabling employees, flexibility and focus on action.   

Lean Transformation

Miguel Van Damme

At BrightWolves, we consider operational excellence as a mean to create a new way of working and to put in place processes and systems to drive both continuous improvement and employee engagement. Successful lean transformation projects are achieved through 4 priorities:

  1. Employees are empowered to act towards common goals

  2. Managers develop people to their full potential 

  3. Continuous improvement is engrained in the organization's DNA

  4. Efficiency is considered a mean to achieve the impossible

Value Based Pricing

Value based pricing is BrightWolves' prefered pricing method to justify higher prices than your competitor based on the differentiated worth of the product/service for a particular customer segment when compared to the next best alternative. BrightWolves will first identify products/services eligible for value-based pricing. Secondly, new prices will be analyzed with input from value discovery workshops. Lastly, BrighWolves will enable value communication and value selling in your organization.

Example of Projects in Selected Industries

Examples of selected projects where our BrightWolves can intervene


Supported an organization-wide transformation towards lean operations at each level of the company and reduced accounts receivables by more than 25%.


Coached a large transformation program team to become agile, which increased the time to market by 40% and set a spark in the overall organization.

Service industry

Reshaped operations and introduced a culture of accountability, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a significant reduction in response time.


Designed and implemented a lean transformation program to improve the call center performance, reducing the average lead time and increasing the productivity by 40%

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