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Joining as a
Future Consulting Leader

BrightWolves Future Consulting Leader

Are you a young professional with 2 to 6 years of experience in industry, consulting or the academic world and a passion for transforming companies towards sustainable impact? Do you want to share your expertise with our colleagues and clients and further develop into a true consulting leader? 



Make yourself ready to join BrightWolves and start your track to becoming our Future Consulting Leader!


Continue your growth with us

1. Get up to speed

Lay the foundations for a succesful take-off. Join the pack with a two-week onboarding triaining together with your cohort and meet your personal career advisor. 

2. Projects where the action is

Immediately after the onboarding, you will start working on one or more client projects. You will be responsible for the project while receiving support and coaching from team members and senior Wolves. You will rapidly be exposed to a variety of strategic topics in different industries. You will work with passionate colleagues in an entrepreneurial and knowledge-sharing environment.

3. Future Consulting Leader Track

Emerge yourself in the Future Consulting Leader program. A one-year program designed to prepare our emerging leaders for the next steps in their careers by learning to become self-propelling in their domain of expertise and developing leadership skills. 

Get inspired

Want to know more?  Get inspired by the Wolves who made the jump from the industry, consulting or academic world to become BW future consulting leader!

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