The BrightWolves Cup 2021

The place to gain hands-on experience, connect with C-level executives and meet the Wolfpack all at once. 

What is the BrightWolves cup?

The BrightWolves cup is a 3-round Consulting Competition that gives students from top schools and campus partners across Belgium the opportunity to solve a real-life business case, further developing their teamwork and analytical skills.


The first edition has come to an end!

We started the Cup with the first round: a quiz to test the consulting skills and knowledge of the students.  In the second round, it was time to tackle a real-life business case. After some intensive brainstorming, the teams were ready to present their amazing initiatives online. Even with the remote setting, the interaction level was high and valuable insights were shared. After deliberating, it was time for our jury to give their final verdict… 


Congratulations to Luna Wolves for winning the BrightWolves Cup!

Hats off to all the participants. Your enthusiasm, creative thinking and business sense didn’t go unnoticed! Thank you for this  first edition of the BrightWolves Cup, the remote setting did not stop us from having a great time!


Sad the BrightWolves Cup is battled out?

Look at the pictures of the first round and experience the event all over again!


What's your next move?

Did you enjoy the BrightWolves Cup and are you interested in joining the Wolfpack? Valentine is eager to re-meet you!