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Digital transformation is probably the business buzzword of the last decade. However, many organizations do not know how to act purposefully around the topic in a way that would enable their business to stay relevant and thrive sustainably towards the future.


With digital expertise on both strategic and operational level, complemented by a solid business understanding, BrightWolves bridges the gap between business & IT and ensures aligned, impactful and sustainable digital transformation initiatives.

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Having a solid digital strategy gives your organisation options on how to ensure to stay relevant in the future. BrightWolves aids companies in designing their digital strategy together with installing a clear approach to innovation that couples experimentation with

viability and feasibility.


Our Solution Design Factory is a proven approach that focusses on continously collecting and assessing ideas from inside and outside your organisation. Thereby turning the most suitable ones into real solutions for your business, aligned to its strategy.


Intelligent automation combines RPA and low-code technologies with AI techniques, and truly impacts the labour split between humans and robots. By starting from business insights, we implement end-to-end intelligent automation solutions that are right fit for your organisation.



The BrightWolves Way

With our hands-on and pragmatic approach, we provide sharp strategy recommendations and drive the implementation to ensure real impact.

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BrightWolves consultants are experts in the digital, data and advanced analytics fields. They go the extra mile to understand your business imperatives before formulating recommendations and developing solutions. Our teams are committed to working closely with our clients and remain trusted partners from strategy up to implementation. 



Sven is Director at BrightWolves, leading digital and data transformation projects. The last 14 years he has built up a track record in the delivery of large and complex business and technology projects, ranging from IT strategy, CRM implementations to intelligent automation solution roll-outs.


Philip is an Engagement Lead at BrightWolves. Philip's expertise is in designing and bringing to live end-user focused digital solutions. Philip sees digital transformations as the perfect combination of stakeholder collaboration, creativity and complex problem solving.

Florent is an Engagement Lead at BrightWolves with extensive experience in Digital Transformation, ERP, and EPM implementations. He's adept at crafting change roadmaps for clients and excels in people and project management. Committed to excellence, Florent ensures immediate value delivery to our customers.

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