Future-proof your business with ESG

Incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance data into your financing strategy to identify, connect and fund the right SMEs.


Accelerate SMEs on the ESG train

ESG has become a well-known framework used by companies to communicate about their efforts in creating a more healthy, ethical and socially responsible way of working. 

Regardless of the many efforts policymakers, NGOs, industry organisations, politicians have made, ESG remains something business executives on all levels struggle with. 


With this report, you'll get a better understanding on how the financial services industry (FSI) is a driver for ESG acceleration, specifically for SMEs.

Concretely we:

  • Clarify what ESG means and why it is here to stay;

  • Explain why FSI should focus on SMEs;

  • Discuss how financial players can support SMEs;

  • Define what's next for FSI & SMEs.

Download our report below and discover how you can accelerate ESG in the business mass landscape.